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Outlook PST Repair Solution

PST as a file format provides comparatively higher compatibility and portability than the others. And therefore, it has been the way for the users to store their mailboxes in it for many years. This doesn’t mean that PST do not gets corrupt. It equally gets corrupt as a result in the adversities. But don’t worry if users ever face this situation there are Outlook PST Repair solution are available. We will talk about them a bit later.

The Situations That Make PST File Corrupt Can Be any of These:

  • Oversize: PST should not exceed 50 GB size.
  • Abrupt closing of PST file: it happens that due to electricity cut or any other issues the PST file closed abnormally and that also contributes to the corruption of PST.
  • Virus attack: make your PC safe by installing any faithful antivirus.
  • Window crash: it happens, due to fully filled drives or might be for other reasons, window crashes and that could also bring corruption in PST.

Outlook PST Repair Solution:

There are, as discussed above, two ways to repair corrupt PSTs. One is the native method and second by using the third-party tool.

Manual method: This method is absolutely free and is known by the name ScanPST.exe. This method is less or not recommended because of the following reasons:

  • There is a high chances of data alteration.
  • It doesn’t let users to recover the deleted items of the unhealthy PST.
  • It takes hours and hours and despite there are no surety of it to repair unhealthy PST successfully.
  • Need for high technical knowledge to initiate repairing task using this method.

Using third-party tool: Third-party tool, Shoviv tool in particular, are reliable way as an Outlook PST repair solution. Shoviv Outlook PST Repair tool is very handy to use because of its simple GUI and there are many other features that witness its worth. But first dive into the procedure that users need to follow in this tool to perform repairing of unhealthy PSTs.

How to use Shoviv Outlook PST Repair tool:

  • Download, install and open Shoviv Outlook PST Repair tool.
  • Click on Add PST files on the ribbon bar.
  • A wizard will appear add PST files using Add button. When done hit OK.
  • Now tap on Outlook PST in the save all file items.
  • A wizard will appear containing sub-folders in it, check-uncheck them accordingly and proceed with Next.
  • Choose whether to export in existing PST or export and create Nes PST Files, provide path for the same, and go ahead with Next.
  • Here users can use item filter based on message class and date, and can also jump to advance options that bring them the options of email translation, folder mapping etc. Click Next once done with the advance option and the item filters.
  • Now comes the status wizard where users can see the on-time progress of the on-going process. Hit Finish when it completes.

Features of Shoviv Outlook PST Repair tool:

  • Users are not restricted to one or two files they can add the PSTs in multiple numbers for a single time. This tool will load them and repair them efficiently.
  • Users can open any of the items of its PST on the Shoviv interface either it is deleted or undeleted item.
  • This tool along with repairing the corrupted file also recovers the deleted items of the respective PST.
  • With saving the repaired PST in PST in itself this tool also enables users to save the PSTs in other formats such as,EML, MSG, RTF, and HTML
  • It takes care of the originality and structure of the metadata and hence retains that trait of the PST.
  • Incremental feature is given in this tool that prevents users from facing the adversities regarding duplicity.
  • It also enables users to save attachments of PST separately in the local directory.

The features do not end here there are many more which users can experience for free in the demo version that allows them to process the first 50 items per folder.

Final words:

Users are kindly advised to download the Shoviv Outlook PST Repair tool in free demo version to know about its efficiency and features practically, before deciding on to the final tool as an Outlook PST Repair solution.

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