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How to Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook?

In this dispatch, we will discuss various reasons and ways to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook. If you want to become aware of these aspects, row through the article to the end.

Outlook is slightly more popular than Lotus Notes among the users. And the reason is Microsoft itself. Microsoft doesn’t need anything to do to make its services well-liked, they are Microsoft, and it’s enough. On the other hand, Outlook comes with advancements in its features and GUI to enable users to work smoothly on it. Let’s take the traits of Lotus Notes and Outlook side by side to know the users’ tilt towards Outlook.

WHY Outlook over Lotus Notes?

  • Outlook comes with Microsoft Suite, in which other core applications of MS are also available to the users, unlike Lotus Notes.
  • The time-to-time advancement in the functions of Outlook fulfills the needs of the users as per the demand of changing market.
  • The PST file format of Outlook is also the vital reason for users to incline towards Outlook.
  • Adding to these, Outlook is cost-efficient too.

From these points, you may get to know why Outlook is preferred over Lotus Notes. Now let’s talk about the certain ways through which you can perform Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion.

Ways to Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook:

It is a technical task to convert Lotus Notes, and therefore you must look for appropriate modes. Well talking about possible ways, there are two categories, one is manual and the other of automated tools. The manual method is free but has so many uncertainties that professionals don’t prefer it. You can face the listed below unfavorable scenarios while executing Lotus Notes conversion manually.

Downsides of Manual method:

The manual method is not considered appropriate to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook, out of which few are as below:

  • The manual method cannot export a large number of emails in a single row, and business files generally contain innumerable.
  • It unnecessarily takes way long time, and still, there remains no certainty of it to happen as per the need.
  • The manual method does not ease the task in any way, resulting in high chances of human error.
  • Sometimes even a technically versed person entangles in this method while performing Lotus Notes to Outlook Conversion.
  • Additionally, you must not take chances on data; it is something the business is built upon.

Time-effective Way to Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook – via Professional Tool:

Now you may wonder that if the manual method brings the mentioned uncertainties, how can I perform this conversion. The answer is by using the professional tools specifically designed and developed for this task. And whenever I talk about professional tools, Weeom tools come to my mind. This is because its tools come with a simple GUI, which brings down the technicality of the process and provides complete control over conversion. First, let’s get into how Weeom Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter tool works, and then we’ll discuss its features.

Quick Steps to Perform Lotus Notes Conversion:

Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion indeed means you have to convert NSF files to PST. Lotus Notes use NSF files, and Outlook uses PST. For this process, you need to proceed as follows:

  • Download, install and open Weeom Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter tool.
  • Click on Add NSF file from the ribbon bar.
  • A wizard will appear; press on a tab from which you want to add NSFs. (from the server, cloud, or local directory)
  • Now click on Outlook PST listed under Lotus Notes to Outlook menu, a wizard will appear.
  • Include/exclude the NSFs, folders, or sub-folders from the added NSFs and proceed with Next.
  • Filter the items based upon item type and message date, perform folder mapping and email translation, and hit Next.
  • Now browse the path to save the resultant PST and proceed.

(Here, you can put a password on PST, include the incremental export option, Split the PST by providing size, and so on.)

  • The conversion will start, hit Finish when the process completes.

Now let’s discuss the features of this tool, of which you may have taken glimpses in the procedure.

Notable Features Weeom Tool:

  • It allows users to add multiple NSFs in a single row and doesn’t bar on large-sized NSFs.
  • It allows users to open their NSF files on its interface before conversion.
  • This tool provides a Folder mapping option to let users convert Lotus Notes to Outlook with high-level accuracy.
  • Users can efficiently perform selective conversion using the filters of this tool.
  • Email translation is available to the users to replace canonical email addresses with the right ones.

Features don’t end here; therefore, Weeom provides this tool in a free demo to familiarize you with its uncountable features.

Final verdict:

Outlook is becoming the priority of the users which consequently brings them to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook. In this race, the manual method fails to provide satisfactory results, and therefore the need for automated tools emerges. Weeom Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter is a reliable tool; you can access it in a free demo before purchase.


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