The Truth About Eyebrow Tinting: All You Need to Know

Eyebrows help keep dirt out of eyes and can be raised to a dramatic arch when required. However, enhancing the color just a bit doesn’t hurt. You can tint them to make them appear heftier and bolder or make them match or stand out from your hair color. Well-defined eyebrows can make your face appear more balanced and make quite an impact. Although there are many methods of getting them, most people opt for eyebrow tinting, which are typically applied in a salon for a look that lasts.

What Is Eyebrow Tinting?

Simply, eyebrow tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent color to your eyebrows in order to make them appear larger and darker than normal. Contrary to micro-needling (tiny, tiny tattoos placed in your eyebrows), tinting can be a method to improve the natural look of your brows. If you have fair hair or your eyebrows seem relatively sparse, tinting them can give them some shape and body.

Is Eyebrow Tinting Safe?

In a nutshell, no. Unfortunately, the eyebrow and eyelash tinting dyes and the processes salons use do not have FDA approved. Most cosmetics don’t require FDA approval prior to going mainstream. But, these dyes have color additives, and that’s inside the FDA wheelhouse. The best part? The FDA does not approve any color additives that are used for the tinting of lashes or brows. Some dyes may utilize coal tar which the FDA states “represents an immediate, serious risk to health, with the possibility of permanent damage; i.e., impaired vision, which includes blindness.” 

The risks of tinting the eyebrows can be a range of mild dermatitis up to blindness and an array of symptoms that include:

  1. Skin Infections
  2. Burning Eyes
  3. Eye Infections
  4. Allergies
  5. Blindness

 However, the FDA does not regulate the practices that are performed in salons which is the reason it’s still available in salons. It’s up to every state to govern and ensure. Even if salons still offer the service, it might not be secure. Here’s the positive news, there are a variety of quick but gorgeous methods to highlight your eyebrows.

Benefits of Eyebrow Tinting

If you have a few stray eyebrows or eyebrows that don’t seem to grow fully out, you could benefit from eyebrow tinting. Check out the advantages of tinting your eyebrows and the reasons to invest in this method.

Saves Time

Imagine putting your brows in every time you leave your home! This takes lots of time, isn’t it? The tinting of your brows lets you have full-bodied brows without the hassle of filling them in each time.

Always Look Ready

Fuller groomed well-groomed eyebrows can alter your look without the need for makeup. Strut through the streets without makeup and still appear gorgeous. Also, it’s smudge-proof, which means you can walk around in the rain and not need anxiety about eyebrows being wiped off.

No More Pain

Anyone who said beauty is pain could have been more incorrect in this case. The process of getting well-groomed brows can be quite painful, especially if you prefer to pluck, tweeze or thread them into form. Tinting your eyebrows is an effortless procedure that leaves you with fuller and more distinct brows without any trouble or discomfort.

Adds Symmetry

If you thread or pluck the hairs of your eyebrows, you can mismatch your left eyebrow from the right. When you choose to tint your eyebrows, it is impossible to make any mistake. Your eyebrows will appear perfect and symmetrical throughout the day.


Eyebrow tinting is a great method for those who want to have a nice fuller look for their eyebrows. To begin with, you will need to hire an eyebrow tinting expert that can bring desired results. If you live anywhere around Melbourne and searching for eyebrow tinting near me‘, you can easily fix an appointment with Belle Brow Bar beauty salon. Although there are many other FDA-approved beauty salons, you can explore and hire them for eyebrow tinting.


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