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How to Extract Email Attachments from MBOX File?

Are you a Thunderbird email app user looking for the best solution to extract email attachments from MBOX file? So without any hesitation, explore this blog where we will describe a reliable method that allows users to save attachments to MBOX files which can be tracked reliably and without any problems.

Nowadays, most of the users prefer to use MBOX compatible email applications because the file format is very flexible. More precisely, MBOX files do not require any special operating system such as Windows, Mac, Linux, nor do you need to set up a compatible email client to read MBOX file data. As you know, one of the main reasons MBOX files are too large is the large attachments inserted with MBOX emails.

Due to this, the overall efficiency and performance of the email program decreases to a greater extent, resulting in MBOX file corruption, data loss and various other problems. Therefore, archiving multiple MBOX email attachments for a complex email experience becomes an important requirement. Get the perfect solution to extract attachments from MBOX files.

“How to remove attachments from MBOX files” is one of the most common questions on the internet. Now it only takes a few seconds to extract Gmail’s MBOX attachments using the extraction Wizard. You can also preview the email before processing it. Let’s take a look at a professional solution for opening MBOX attachments in their original format.

Reasons to Extract Email Attachments from MBOX File

There are several reasons to extract MBOX in Outlook for Windows. The query above gives us a rough idea of the problems the user is facing and what they want. After analyzing similar questions on popular forums, we have listed some common reasons below.

  • After analyzing their needs, these organizations switched from MBOX-enabled clients to MS Outlook.
  • A user downloaded a backup of their Gmail data (in MBOX format) using Google Takeout and now needs to extract it into Outlook.
  • MS Outlook’s advanced security details and calendar features attract other customer users.
  • Outlook users may need to scan orphaned MBOX files for important data.
  • Users switch platforms from Mac to Windows and have MBOX files to migrate data.

Automatic Solution to Extract Multiple Attachments from MBOX File

For individuals and experts alike, attachments are as important as emails. Therefore, it is clear that there might be situations where users need to extract attachments from MBOX files. MBOX Attachment Extractor Tool to allows users to extract multiple attachments from MBOX files. The utility has no size limitations. You can easily extract any number of attachments from MBOX files. Another great feature of this utility is that it gives users the ability to recognize files and process them no matter which email client they come from. All MBOX compatible email clients (like Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail MBOX, Entourage, Eudora, etc.) can extract all attachments without any problems.

It is a powerful program which can save all MBOX files / folders or selected attachment folders. This tool can selectively extract attachments by applying a date filter. Additionally, the software provides a file name option where you can save the generated file by selecting the appropriate name pattern. It can extracted attachments from MBOX files over a period of time. There is a built-in feature that allows the user to enter the start and end dates to select MBOX files and extract attachments from these filtered files. It allows users to extract attachments within a specific date range. also Supports extraction on Windows and Mac OS

Extract Email Attachments from MBOX File  – Complete Steps 

In the following sections, we will cover the attachment extraction process step by step:

  • First of all you have to Install the software in your system

Download MBOX Attachment Extractor

  • Click the MBOX / MBS Radio button and select the Add files/ folder option

Add file

  • Select the MBOX file you want to extract attachments from and click the “Openbutton. Click Next to go further

Open MBOX Attachments files

  • Check the boxes for the desired folder hierarchy options and choose between creating folders for each file type or just for one folder

choose folder hierarchy

  • Click the Change button to select a destination location for the generated file and click Next

change destination

  • Apply date filters and file filters to select specific file sizes and file types to include or exclude

select file size

  • Specify a naming pattern for attachments and folders in the Naming convention field, then click Extract button.

Extract MBOX Attachments files

Then, in this way, you can extract all the selected MBOX attachments to the desired location. This is a seamless process that runs in seconds.

Extract MBOX Attachments File via Thunderbird Application

Mozilla Thunderbird provides a free plugin that allows users to easily export Thunderbird attachments from MBOX files. Here are the steps to implement this now:

  • Initially, you need to install the Thunderbird Attachment Extractor add-on from the official Mozilla Thunderbird site, available at  “
  • Now launch the Thunderbird application and select Add-ons from the registration options
    Next, from the gear icon, select the Install plug-in from file … option to extract the plug-in from the MBOX file
  • After selecting the Thunderbird Attachment Extractor XPI file, click the Install Now button to continue the installation process
  • After the installation process is completed successfully, you will receive a pop-up message to restart the Thunderbird app
  • Now you can select the desired email folder and select the Extract all attachments to … option and click Browse to save the resulting MBOX attachment
  • MBOX attachments can be accessed easily and smoothly after the attachments are successfully saved to their destination

Thunderbird Attachment Extractor Plugin Limits!

  • This plugin does not work with the latest version of Thunderbird, or (60+).
  • Only works with the Thunderbird app. That is, it will not work with other MBOX compatible email programs.
  • I can’t extract attachments from a large MBOX folder


Therefore, in this article, we introduce a simple and efficient software wizard which not only can extract email attachments from MBOX file, but also provides many functions. You can download a free demo version of this proven tool to test its functionality. It will surely meet your needs and give you the same great performance as thousands of users.

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