Useful Tools That You Need to Cut and Cure Your Soap

Packaging and product quality collectively shape the buying preference of customers. Therefore, it is common for customers to buy products with a professional and alluring look and feel. Moreover, it is also a fact that stylish packaging adds feathers to the cap. Similarly, Custom Soap Boxes of pretty and valuable bars of soaps are always welcomed by customers.

Soap makers use professional tools to make perfect quality soaps. In addition, soaps’ goodness is magnified when they are packaged in stylish and trendy custom soap boxes. Furthermore, it is crucial to consider the perfect cutting and curing of soaps; otherwise, they will lack the aesthetic feel. Let’s discuss the items in detail that will help to cut and cure your soaps perfectly.

Useful Items to Cut the Soaps

Miter Box: A miter box is a simple, affordable tool that perfectly cross-cuts the log of soap into the bars. It comes in a U-shaped block in various types like wood, plastic, or wood. Different slot cuts in the miter box provide precise cuts for your workpiece. These slots are cut at 45- and 90-degree angles that provide precise soap cutting at these angles. The soap log is fixed in the miter box with the clamps at point that aligns with slot cuts. Next, a miter saw or huge knife is placed between the slots and slides to cut the perfect-sized pieces of soap. Custom soap boxes having perfect and even-sized soaps always depict their sound quality.

Huge Knife or Miter Saw

A huge knife or miter saw is used to cut the soaps into small logs. This saw is used to trim and mold the soap log into the desired shape. It has a very sharp blade that makes angled cuts at the miter box. Professional soap makers keep a miter saw or huge knife upright and make straight cross-cuts through the soap log.

Dough Scraper

Another tool for slicing up soap loaves in quick order is a dough scraper. It is a stainless-steel soap cutter tool with an inch scale mark on its blade. It also has handles on it that make it user-friendly.

Ruler or Tape Measure

A ruler is used to measure the soap log and soap bars so that soap makers can have straight cuts. First, with the tape measure or ruler, the center point is found then it is marked with a permanent marker at the center of the log. After that, with the help of a ruler, a straight line is drawn. Finally, with a cutter or knife, soaps can be cut precisely.


Beveling is very important because it gives a refined look to the soaps. Beveller is used to fine the edges of the soap bars. The soap bar is slid across the blade in the center of the beveller that shaves the corners of the soap. In this way, smooth and flat edges are produced to give them a neat and clean look. The beveling of the soap is done after the soap bars are cut and cured because they will make unsmooth edges if done before.

Useful Items to Cure the Soap

Curing is essential for the hardening of soap. A customer judges the custom soap boxes on the basis of the lathering, moisturizing, and long-lasting features of the soap bars. If the soap bar is hardened correctly, it will give more lather and last long. Several items help to cure your soap bars properly.


Soaps cure well when there is no humidity in the environment. Usually, in summer or spring, when there is too much humidity, a dehumidifier takes out the moisture from the environment. Therefore, soaps can cure well if the dehumidifier is placed near the curing chamber.

Cardboard Box

A cardboard box is also used to cure the soaps when you don’t have a proper curing chamber. Pieces of paper towels or unwaxed sandwich wraps are placed in them. Then soap bars are stacked in the stone-hedge method or simple rows with space. Spacing between soaps and good airflow is crucial because if they touch together, there will be more chances of retaining moisture. As a result, the air circulates through the soaps, and soaps are cured faster.

Zeolite Rocks

Zeolites are rocks that act as a dehumidifier. They take out the moisture from the air and helps in fast soap curing. They are more effective than activated charcoal. Charcoal also acts as a dehumidifier, but it also absorbs the soap scent along with moisture.


Fans are also used to dry the soap. They help cure the soap faster by taking away the moisture from the soap bars.

Space Heaters

When the weather is too cold, heating does the same thing to evaporate the moisture from the soap bars. A small heater fan or space heater is used to dry out the moisture from the soap bars.

Packaging That Complies to Maintain Quality

Packaging custom soap boxes are vital to protect the soap from climate change. Usually, temperature rise and humidity cause mutation in the texture and composition of soaps. This mutation affects the professional look and quality of soaps and leads to skin infections and irritation on human skin. Therefore, durable and atmospheric-resistant custom mailer boxes are necessary to protect the quality of soap bars.

OBT Packaging is a leading firm that provides high-grade, sturdy packaging solutions to allure the customers on the retail shelf. In addition, they offer a variety of gift soap boxes to custom cosmetic boxes for your organic and herbal soaps.

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