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11 Interesting Things You Should Know Before Moving to Bangalore

Got a brilliant start-up idea? Pondering if the budding startup idea can flourish post shifting your base to the city of start-ups?” Well, my friends, if you are planning to move to Bangalore, this article is worth your read.

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, is considered amongst the foremost metro cities of the country and is very well connected to other cities via roads, railways, and airways. Unlike most of the cities in India, Bangalore is blessed with exquisite weather, a luxurious lifestyle, and flashy nightlife. There are countless thriving start-ups and infinite business opportunities and the city houses the headquarters of some of the leading IT companies.

As you will be moving to Bangalore from some other state, you will experience some differences in culture, food habits, and lifestyle of the people. Things will fall in place once you get accustomed to their lifestyle, food, and culture. Nonetheless, that would happen with time but first, we need to know more about the “silicon valley of India”. Here are 11 things that you must know if you are determined to move to Bangalore.

Climatic Conditions

Bangalore is blessed with beyond-perfect weather throughout the year. Located at an elevated altitude of 3020ft. above sea level, the city has moderate to tropical climatic conditions. The annual temperature ranges between 13 °-37 °C. The hottest months are from March to May while the coldest months are from November to January. There is an annual rainfall of 970mm generally between August to October.

Bangalore is well connected to the other cities by roads, railways, and flights. The transport system within the city is efficient and various modes of transport are prevalent in the city. The most commonly used modes of transport are auto-rickshaws, cabs or taxis, Namma Metro, and BMTC buses. You can also rent an Uber or Ola cab to commute in the city.

It is easy to get auto-rickshaws throughout the city and at any hour of the day. You can opt for Volvo buses if you don’t want to take a general BMTC bus to work. Nonetheless, it is very common to experience traffic congestion in the streets most of the time. Hence, Commuters often commute by Namma metro which is the fastest way to travel within the city.


Bangalore has a lot to offer your taste buds. This multi-cultural city can offer you innumerable international as well as inter-state cuisines. Countless restaurants offer your favorite genre of cuisine. So if you are craving some international delicacies like Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Italian or Japanese or if you are yearning for some desi flavors like Punjabi, Marwari, Bengali, Gujarati, or Konkani, Bangalore will satiate your soul. There are both inexpensive and high-end fine-dine restaurants.

You will also find your go-to fast-food chains like Pizza Hut, Dominos, McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, etc. To devour some beverage boost up. There are several café chains like Starbucks, Barista, Brewberrys, Frespresso, etc.


Bangalore is a shoppers’ paradise. You will find anything and everything you wish for. There are some precise places for thrift shopping like the Brigade Road, Chickpet, Commercial Street, Tibet Malls, etc. There is an extensive range of deluxe shopping malls if you are quite brand-conscious. The Phoenix Market City, Orion, VR Mall are UB City are some of the premium malls in Bangalore. This city will make you channel the inner shopaholic in you.

Parks and Gardens

Bangalore has an unending number of parks and gardens. Earlier, Bangalore used to be known as the “garden city of India”. These beautifully maintained gardens and parks serve the public in rejuvenating their lives. The fitness-conscious people go to the parks for an early morning run or yoga session.

The elderly people prefer to sit, relax or stroll in the parks and gardens every day. Families with toddlers go to the parks to get some fresh air. Kids go out to play in groups in the parks and gardens every afternoon.


Bangalore can unleash the party animal within you! You have a lavish sundry mix of amazing pubs, breweries, and nightclubs that can sway you off your feet. The breweries offer original home-crafted flavored beers in different varieties. You will find a handful of pubs and clubs that are open till the late hours of the night.

Some of these places send out lucrative offers and host interesting events on particular days of the week. You can have a gala time exploring the nightlife of Bangalore.


Bangalore proclaims to be one of the safest cities in India. The women never feel unsafe in the city even if they are out alone at night. Talking about the society, it is multi-racial and you will find people from all religions living together in the same society in absolute harmony.

There are a few cases of pick-pocketing and jewelry-snatching in crowded places. Be careful of such situations. But you won’t find any recent terrorist attacks or heinous crimes that have happened in Bangalore. The people, in general, are amicable and the city has a low crime rate.


The official language of Bangalore is Kannada and all the government office procedures are carried out in Kannada. Some people from other states are apprehensive about relocating to Bangalore because they don’t know Kannada. They fear that there might be a huge language barrier that might disconnect them from the majority of the local crowd.

Let’s clear your misconception here; most people are very fluent in English. Some of the other popular languages are Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, and Urdu. Furthermore, Bangalore being so broadly multi-cultural houses people from all states of India and even abroad. From the middle of nowhere, you might always have a chance of meeting someone who speaks your language.

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Bangalore is sought-after as an educational hub. You will find some of the finest schools and colleges in this city. In case you are someone who is relocating to Bangalore with your family, your kids can go to some of the best schools or colleges in the country. Many careerist teenagers move to Bangalore to complete their higher studies.

Job Opportunities

Bangalore is a convenient place for professionals because it is the headquarters of some of the World’s most eminent IT companies. It doesn’t matter if you are a fresher straight out of college or an experienced professional, Bangalore can set you on a height in professional front.

Bangalore is also called “the city of startups” as the city unlocks opportunities for budding business ideas.

You will find some great co-working spaces in Bangalore that make sharing workspace a fun and practical mechanism. Embassy Tech Village, RMZ infinity, Ecospace Business Park, Bagmane Tech Park, and Manyata Tech Park are some of the co-working spaces.


Bangalore has a mixed bag of all kinds of houses that you can think of. You can find a budget-friendly apartment or an expensive abode. You can choose from 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, or even a villa. There are apartments in multistoried buildings in gated societies; there are individual houses in colonies.

You can choose the right accommodation for yourself according to your budget and vicinity from your workplace. It is advisable to choose a home near your workplace or institute so that you can dodge the everyday traffic hassles.

As You Like It

Bangalore has the best professional prospects and business opportunities, amazing restaurants, pubs, breweries, and clubs. There are incredible flea markets and shopping malls, breathtaking architectural landmarks, refreshing lakes, gardens and parks, and the most awesome climate in India. Shifting to the “silicon valley of India” would be one of the best decisions of your life.

But relocation calls for a tedious process of packing and moving your belongings. It is likewise hectic if you shift alone or with your family. I would highly recommend you hire a proficient team of movers and packers Bangalore. This would ease the process of relocation for you.

Several service providers would help find you the best-suited movers and packers according to your budget and preferences. So if you want to relocate to Bangalore, what are you waiting for “macha”?

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