Understanding why Canadians love gas fireplaces so much

Among all the modern fireplaces, Canadians truly love gas fireplaces. If you ever get to visit a true Canadian household, you’ll find a gas fireplace installed indoors looking perfectly balanced with the surrounding decor. The main reason why fireplaces are in each, and every Canadian house is the climate which makes people rely on efficient fireplaces to warm up their indoors and make it comfortable for the entire family all year round. (Information source:

Gas fireplaces are efficient, easy to use, and also cost saving. That’s why people who switch to gas fireplaces would never buy anything else to get cozy warmth in every season. But to explain further and help you understand the reasons why Canadians absolutely love gas fireplaces, we have shared a few of its attributes that would impress everyone.

1. Savings on the gas bill

A worthwhile reason to love gas burning fireplaces instead of wood burning variants is the fact that they are usually less expensive. This is to operate as the price of natural gas and wood varies from year to year. The constant need of burning hardwood to keep your indoors warm. It takes a heavy toll on the overall budget but that is not the case with gas fireplaces that Canadians love so much. Experts say that depending on the type and model of a gas fireplace, it possibly generates the same amount of heat as a traditional fireplace using 2-3 times lesser fuel.

2. No tedious cleanup

The most dreaded thing about having a fireplace that uses wood for burning is the cleanup process. This takes a lot of effort and experience to do it properly without damaging the fireplace in any way. People who own traditional fireplaces that are generally wood burning ones, have to clean the layers of soot and ashes. This needs professional cleaning to ensure there are no fire hazards left inside. But when we consider gas fireplaces that are so popular nowadays as the modern fireplaces, their cleanup process is way easier. It is budget-friendly for all kinds of homeowners.

3. Easy installation process

Installation of fireplaces is a complicated task that should only be handled by professionals in a risk-free environment. Depending on the place where you wish to install a fireplace and the type of fireplace chosen, the installation could get a bit more difficult than you initially thought. These difficulties almost always present themselves in the case of a wood burning fireplace but not in its gas burning alternative. Easy installation means you do not have to spend extra for preparing the place of installation. It would also fit right into your home nicely.

4. Eco-friendly alternative

If you want to stop using wood burning fireplaces because it robs the environment of trees and their beneficial attributes, then gas fireplaces are a perfect solution. These are eco-friendly and easy to use so that anyone could get used to them pretty quickly. When you have live wood burning inside your home, the smoke and the smell could really affect the ambience and your own health. But when it comes to gas fireplaces, there is no smoke and no harmful smell involved that keeps you and your loved ones far from health issues.

5. Warms up your home efficiently

Gas fireplaces are extremely efficient when it comes to warming up the insides of your home. They do not rely on wood for generating heat which takes time and effort. Pressing a switch turns this modern fireplace on. It starts flaming up to a level you have chosen using the regulator. Old style fireplaces draw warm air up out of a room, but gas fireplaces do not display reduced efficiency due to emissions.

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