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Real estate the advantages of new digital services

You have a real estate solution purchase project. Who can help you find the rare pearl, whether it’s your main residence or a rental investment? A flowering of innovative and clever digital services and sites are at your disposal. Their objective to facilitate. Thanks to new technologies the realization of your real estate project by simplifying it while securing it. Focus on a selection of original sites.

To buy… or sell as quickly as possible the objective of this site. Opened in August 2015 is to improve the efficiency of your search for buying or renting in France. The process is reversed. It is you who give your search criteria and it is the professionals who come to you. In a free text space you can specify the desired property with real estate soution. Which is not the case on traditional ad sites its. Location by drawing the precise area targeted on a map and your budget.  In a single step.


At what price and when will I sell my home? The uncertainties related to the sale are numerous and stressful. Especially when the buyer does not obtain financing or retracts easily. By inventing this immediate real estate solution sale service. Homeloop intends to make your operation 100% secure. Specialist in data analysis applied to real estate the startup has developed an algorithm to assess the precise value of the property you are selling by reviewing 100 criteria.

You describe it on by filling out a form. Then an expert from the company comes to visit the house. Within 48 hours at the most, Homeloop undertakes to send you a proposal for a firm purchase offer, at a guaranteed minimum price, with an immediate sale formula or a guaranteed sale within three months. In the latter case, he takes care of the entire sales procedure.

 The proposed offer

specifies Aurélien Gouttefarde, co-founder and president of Homeloop, is as close as possible to the market price. In the end it costs the seller a little more than if he went through a real estate solution agent but he is sure to sell. The service only concerns Paris and the inner suburbs and only apartments or houses between 150,000 and 650,000 euros and whose condition is not too degraded. It should open by the end of 2017 to other major cities such as Lille and Bordeaux. A dozen sales have been made since the opening in October and the site displays around a hundred consultations per week. Homeloop is also launching its own property purchase portal by the end of 2017.

To be sure not to be mistaken being able to test the accommodation you want before buying it by living in it temporarily. According to the seller’s agreement from a few hours to a few nights this is the very essence of this service, which had never before been imagined in the real estate sector. It has been offered since November 2016 by the Capifrance network of independent advisors.  It’s not just a marketing gimmick  emphasizes Philippe Buyens. Managing Director of Capifrance, since,for six months, out of the 1,200 properties available “on trial”, among the 6,000 under exclusive mandate in our network, 350 have been sold thanks to this service. Most buyers, who have already visited the property once, used it for half a day. This test proved decisive.  purchase.

To make the best investment this unique real estate geodecision service, for individuals and professionals, was launched in mid-May by the creators of Kinaxia and Preventimmo, specialists in online town planning. By entering the address of the property you plan to buy and/or rent in mainland France, you can use this tool to assess, in depth, the strengths and weaknesses, in order to secure your investment. The tool is based on more than 70 “rational and objective” criteria relating to 10 themes (real estate, transport, education, amenities, nuisances, risks, digital,


town planning, neighborhood). “CityScan acts as an independent trusted third party to inform your choice from the start», summarizes Edouard Le Goff, president of Kinaxia. In a few seconds, the address is thus assigned an overall rating, from A (very favorable) to E (very unfavorable), with a report – free – which summarizes the main results. You have to pay 15 euros including tax per search (less in the context of a pack) to refine the analysis. A comparator makes it possible to evaluate up to 4 addresses at the same time. The tool will be enriched over time, particularly in 2018 on the property price component.

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