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Playgrounds in Your Own Home

If you have young children, then you probably recognize the importance for them to go outside and exercise at playgrounds.

This is for a few reasons their own physical health, by living an active outgoing lifestyle instead of sitting indoors watching the TV. This also has flowing effects on their mental development and wellbeing. It also can do the same for parents, in that it can sometimes gift you with a few moments of reprieve, that caring for children can often demand of you.

Sometimes people like to visit their nearest parks in the neighborhood. Their children can explore the park and find the best equipment and with the onset of covid, this has actually seen many playgrounds being closed from time to time.

Most of the parents explain to their kids that they cannot go to the parks as they are not safe.

As you can imagine this conversation is not easy.

Playground Solution:

There is a pretty simple solution that presents itself as long as you have adequate outdoor space in your own backyard and that is to install a playground of your very own.

There are numerous types of play equipment from slides to forts and so much more, many of which can work well to suit all kinds of spaces. Depending on your budget you can even purchase and install equipment that is produced and installed for commercial use, and often installed in parks by your local government.

So even if you do decide to opt for the most elaborate playground system, there’s still one main feature that will set your home and public systems quite apart (other than not having to share your own playground with the public). This feature is safe for the children using it.

If you pay attention to the way in which playgrounds have evolved over the last 10, 20, or more years you will notice that there has been a big push towards safety.

Many swings now have seat belts, many slides have covered if they are above a certain height, and there are handrails and barriers guiding little people along whilst keeping them safe. The team of experts can install the surfaces easily and design them according to your needs.

Eventually, this evolved into the use of tanbark, or in some cases sand. While this was a significant improvement of the aforementioned surfaces, it still allowed for many bleeding knees from the simplest falls, not to mention particles of either being embedded in little knees.

To Sum Up

Thankfully some big steps have been made in sports surfaces over the last 20 years and many of these playgrounds are now fitted with sports turf, or a specialized synthetic rubber material, both of which were developed by manufacturing companies such as APT who have specialized in this area for over 40 years.

So if you’re really looking at installing something in your yard that will be great fun for children, and last long enough while keeping them protected, don’t forget to upgrade the surface of your backyard!







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