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7 creative ways to combine multiple rugs in one room | Contemporary rugs

Do you have multiple area rugs but don’t know how to use them? Rug placement demands creativity and a sense of spaciousness. So, get ready to style up your space with multiple area rugs!


Yes, it’s a pity when you have many beautiful rugs but don’t know how to place them. All rug types can serve differently. But, it takes a bit more skills when you have a spacious living room and gorgeous rugs. Many people ask if they can combine two different area rugs in the same room. Well, the answer is yes. You can surely combine traditional and contemporary rugs skillfully in one open space.


 Furthermore, an open floor plan offers a great opportunity to style it with area rugs of many shapes, colors and patterns. You certainly do not have to reach out to a designer to be creative. This article contains seven creative ways to combine multiple area rugs in the same room. Let’s get to it now:


  1. Use two different textures
  2. Mix and match two patterned rugs
  3. Stick to the same coloured rugs
  4. Use two solid transitional rugs
  5. Place one rug on top of another
  6. Use two of the same rugs
  7. Do not hesitate to try more funky rugs
  • Use two different textures:

Are you one of those who would like to match and match stuff? Well, it is time to be a bit experimental. So, the first idea is to mix and match two different textures. For example, one rug can be patterned and the other one plain. Furthermore, you can also mix and match two rug materials. If one area rug is jute, the other can be woolen.


In the same way, one geometric rug can complement a braided rug piece. So, the idea is to create two zones in one space using multiple textures.  

  • Mix and match two patterned rugs:

Another way is to mix and match two patterned rugs in the same room. Two varying patterns can create a gorgeous interior. For instance, you can combine one large scale pattern with one dotted rug piece. Similarly, one solid pattern can go with one graphical rug design. Moreover, one scaled rug pattern can complement a floral rug piece.

  • Stick to the same coloured rugs:

If multiple rugs confuse you, stick to the same colour and pattern in area rugs. So, opt for rugs that have the same base colour or scheme. Two black and white rugs, for example, have the best modern outlook. In addition, a busy print can get along beautifully with a plain grey area rug. This way, one rug tone balances out the other one.  

  • Use two solid transitional rugs:

Transitional rugs have a solid outlook when it comes to colours and shapes. You can combine two bold area rugs to create an amazing medley of contemporary rugs. So, reinforce a colour scheme that gives off your personality. A black and red transitional rug combination is a solid one to elevate the aura of your living space. In the same way, this idea works perfectly in one bedroom or a dining area. Rug gallery has the best transitional and traditional rugs to support any idea.  

  • Place one rug on top of another:

What about layering area rugs! Two rugs layered on top of one another can make a huge difference in your home interior. If you love the feel of a sisal rug, layer a bold statement rug on top of it. Also, you can tilt two same shapes in a way they show sides of each other. This idea works in both open and closed spaces. The best way to apply the layered theme is to use one lighter and one darker tone. And do not overlook the colour of your curtains.  

  • Use two of the same rugs:

Forget mixing and matching for a while and talk about the same colours. Two same rugs can truly harmonize the vibe of the same room. First, divide the room into two zones to achieve a uniform look. One for the sitting area and one for the dining area. Now use two rugs of the same colour and pattern in that space. It will add a touch of elegance and uniformity to the room in one glance. Now spice it up with some bold artwork and wooden furniture.

  • Do not hesitate to try more funky rugs:

Try a funky rug on a rug theme if you want to go with a Boho setup. Funky area rugs are one of a kind when it’s about stylizing modern spaces. So take out your round, square and rectangular rugs. Place all three rug pieces on top of each other. Put the round rug on the top and see what the pattern does to your space. Lastly, put a medium coffee table on the top.

Final words:

So many options and ideas are out there for your home interior. You can create cohesiveness in your open spaces by using the same colours or patterns of area rugs. You can also use two different patterns or textures to mix and match. Try funky rug pieces and layer them up. Check out these ideas to create a difference today!

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