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Online Medicine Delivery app development: For Pharmacy Industry

Medicines are a necessary element of our lives regardless of whether we want the way they work or not. Our health depends heavily on these drugs because they degrade with age. Modern consumer culture is all about the convenience of on-demand services. Nobody wants to leave and brave the elements or stand in line to buy the daily medication dosage. Furthermore, the discounts and special offers available online encourage consumers to purchase from online pharmacies. With Covid-19 affecting our lives in the worst way it can, many nations are required to implement lockdown regulations. Online Medicine Delivery application development is an advantage in this respect because it emphasizes the contactless delivery method. In addition, it protects the confidentiality of the customer and provides the medicine in a discreet way that one needs.

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The pharmaceutical companies quickly took advantage of this opportunity and began investing in developing apps to deliver medicines. Many businesses have gone online to sell their medications to many customers. Therefore, online pharmacy apps have been gaining popularity as an effective business model that caters to advanced customers that require online services. It’s proven to be an excellent method to improve your existing pharmacy business and improve the ease for your clients.

Market Statistics App development for Online Medical Delivery

The world ePharmacy market has reached $62.59 billion, according to research results in the year 2019. It is anticipated to increase by 13% over the coming seven years. The lockdown and pandemic restrictions also significantly boost the already growing ePharmacy market. Social distancing rules and lockdown limitations imposed upon those affected have forced people to remain indoors and use online medication delivery applications.

Prescription drugs account for more than 60 percent of the total market share of medicine. The market research suggests that upwards is the only way to allow the development of applications for medicine delivery to move forward.

The step-by-step guideline for designing your own online medical delivery application

If you’re thinking of developing your medical delivery application online, The following guidelines will give you the essential information to get started.

1. Know the business of ePharmacy and select a suitable business model

Knowing the business model before implementing and launching a business built on it is essential. The pharmacy model of business isn’t challenging to comprehend. But, it requires an amount of study and making decisions. These are business models you could adapt to your ePharmacy business.

  • Individual Stores
  • Direct Customer requirements
  • Delivery to Aggregators

In the majority of cases, companies decide to create a medication delivery application that is directly serving the customers they do. If your pharmacy can adapt to this and be successful, that could be your best option.

2. Perform market research and research to understand your market.

Before you think about the possibility of acquiring a market, you need to know what is on offer. Begin by conducting an exhaustive market study to ensure you understand what gaps aren’t being filled. Then, you can develop new and innovative solutions using your app to fill the gaps.

3. Note down the functions.

A customized on-demand application could come with various features, but many will not be valid for the customers. Therefore, it is important to identify the essential elements and the advanced features that increase the utility of your app. Create a list of the features you would like your app to incorporate. This will allow you to understand the technology stack you’ll need to develop your medical app.

4. Take possession of the technology stack.

Once you’ve finalized the features your app will provide, you must obtain all the technology that will aid you in developing the application. So, you must acquire the best Database support like HBase, MongoDB, Postgres, or Cassandra, which will allow you to combine all data in the background.

In addition, you’ll require back-end and front-end technology to integrate all functions into your application. It is possible to choose Cloud computing to ensure practical computing. Pick the one that best suits your needs from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft Azure.

5. Create a stunning UX/UI

Every successful app requires an outstanding UI/UX that keeps users engaged and returning for more. Make the interface as simple as possible and try to add simple designs that enhance its appeal. Application. Furthermore, a friendly and attractive interface for the app will make sure that users opt for your app when they require medical prescriptions online.

6. Provide a variety of payment acceptance methods

The most crucial element of your app will be accepting payments, as it will increase your profit after the sale. Provide multiple payment options to ease the lives of your customers.

Customers can select Credit or Debit cards, UPI, wallets or credit cards, or even Net Banking. So, the integration of the universal payment acceptance system such as RazorPay, CCAvenue, or PauU can solve the issue.

7. Make sure you are investing in testing and maintaining your application.

Once you’ve developed the application, you must continue investing in ongoing maintenance and testing. The first step is for your app to undergo tests to identify problems with loading times, bugs, frequent crashes, etc. If the app isn’t tested and improved, users are likely to stop using your application. So, you’ll have to regularly update and add new features in your application in line with maintenance and support practices.

8. Marketing and launching the app

After the app has been developed and tested, it is now in the process of being launched. This is where you’ll have to make significant investments in marketing and promotions. In the beginning and after the app is released, the marketing campaign must be ongoing to ensure that the customer base grows.

So, you can launch your medication delivery app across all the app stores and ensure that your intended users are aware of the app. You could offer incentives for signing up and offers for first-time users to entice users more and guarantee customers.

Costs estimate for medicine delivery application development.

If you’ve gone through the steps for creating an online application for the delivery of medicines, Let us give you an estimate of the aspects that be a factor in the initial price.

  • Feature Integration
  • Platforms for the release of apps
  • UI/UX design
  • Acquiring Tech stack
  • Location and size of the development team.
  • Launch of the app and marketing


With the global catastrophe in the making and how crucial the delivery of medicine is for the well-being of all humans, It is now the right time to be involved in developing online pharmacy apps. These guidelines offer the basic guidelines for those looking to build an online application for medicine delivery.

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