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How to Minimize the Relocation Costs on Moving from Bangalore to Mumbai?

Relocation or house shifting is typically a herculean task; no matter if you move inside the same state or go for an intercity move or even an international move. Not only in terms of the physical attribute, but it is also one of the topmost stressful activities in the world.

Whether you are planning to move alone or along with your family, relocation is equally nerve-racking. You should start planning months ahead from the day of your move. The relocation process needs your managerial and executive skills to accomplish it successfully.

The stress quotient associated with relocation is due to two primary aspects. There is a feeling of uncertainty about the probable scenario of life post-relocation. Another major concern is the lump-sum budget involved to execute the entire process. Considering moving intercity from Bangalore to Mumbai will be an expensive juncture.

Everybody wants to have an affordable and budgeted relocation, but sticking to the budget is not always possible. However, there are numerous things that we can do to reduce our intercity relocation expenses and keep them under our control to some extent.

Let us have a clearer insight about reducing the cost of moving from Bangalore to Mumbai by going through the following pointers:

Decide the budget

Your cost of relocation will go beyond or be within a certain limit according to some predetermined perception. The assessment of choosing your upper limit to expend on a specific juncture is called budgeting. An estimated budget intended for home relocation will help you distribute your finances uniformly for the upcoming tasks and expenses.

Budgeting will help you control your expenses and keep you alert about the lump-sum expenditures. In times of emergencies, you will be able to bear the monetary load from the previous savings.

Decide the right time

Time has a significant role to play in deciding the cost of your move. If you have the luxury to choose your moving date, choose it wisely.

If you move during the non-peak season or winter season, you may be able to get a slash 20-30% discount on the general relocation rates. Also stay away from moving on weekends, at the beginning or end of the month, or on the national holidays. During these days, the moving costs are on the higher side.

Make a proper checklist

Making checklists can help you to allocate precise tasks to be completed within a particular time frame. It keeps you reminded of the tasks you have in hand and makes you have better control of your actions.

In this way, you don’t waste time, and as we all know that- time is money; so if we save time, we save money.

Find the cheapest rates

The best way to trim down your relocation cost is by finding out the moving company citing the cheapest rates. You need to research thoroughly doing your homework right.

Spend your time hunting down the intercity movers and packers charges with an excellent reputation and request them to send estimated price quotes. Compare the moving quotations, and finalize the moving company that is giving the best rates in terms of price and add-on services.


The cost of moving depends on the size and weight of the consignment, and the distance of the move. In the case of intercity relocation between Bangalore and Mumbai, the distance is not under your control but the size and weight of your belongings can be curtailed by getting rid of the unnecessary junk.

De-clutter your entire house and single out the stuff that you don’t need. Consider selling, donating, or discarding them to steer clear of the clutter and save a lot of money on your relocation costs.

Consider alternative means of packing

The majority of the expenses in the entire relocation process are that of the packing supplies. The cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard sheets, and other packing materials can cost you a lot of money. Purchase only the unavoidable supplies and manage to carry out the rest of the packing by alternative means.

Repurpose your suitcases, trolley bags, laundry bins, buckets, baskets, drawers, trash cans, and trunks as moving boxes. Use the bedsheets, blankets, towels, and other pieces of clothing as wrapping and cushioning materials. Reprocess waste newspapers as padding for glasses and crockery. The same can be used to fill the gaps in the bigger boxes and containers to avoid spillage.

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Try being self-sufficient

Being self-sufficient has no better substitute in cutting down your relocation costs from Bangalore to Mumbai. You have to be extremely cautious and cool-headed while packing your belongings because you do not have the expertise to pack them like a professional.

But if you are enduring and diligent, you will be able to save plenty. You can then rent a hauling vehicle of a suitable size and carry your belongings seeking help from your friends and family. This DIY home relocation procedure is a guaranteed way to incur the least monetary outflow for moving.

Fix your eyes on job relocation options

If you are relocating from Bangalore to Mumbai due to deployment at your workplace, the company you work for might pay up to a certain percentage of your moving cost or even reimburse the entire moving expense.

Discuss the terms and conditions in detail with the concerned HR manager of your company to avail the compensation. Be careful to save the complete paperwork and receipts in such cases.

Your Call After All

Relocation is an intricate and exasperating activity especially when it comes to an intercity packers and movers from Bangalore to Mumbai. Executing relocation on a low budget is a suave approach to flaunt your skills in fiscal management. Your prime concern while moving to a distant place is to use time-tested relocation tips and information to cut down the moving costs.

The idea is to save as much as possible so that there is enough money left to take care of the immediate post-relocation expenses. The aforementioned guidelines will surely help you A curb your moving expenses. So friends, have an amazing low-key move!

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