What are the Issues of Education Development in Atlanta?

The issue of education development in Atlanta has been a major problem for the city. It is one of the top issues that have been faced by the city. With a population of over 5 million people, Atlanta is one of the largest cities in America. The majority of people living in this city are high school graduates or college graduates and many work for companies or government agencies. However, only about half of them have obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher. This means that many people are unable to find jobs because they do not have adequate education levels.

However, if you want to know more about the educational crisis and the solutions that can be made to improve the education system in Atlanta, then read this post.

Issues of Education Development in Atlanta

The issues of education development in Atlanta have been a topic of discussion for many years. Some of the most important issues that have been discussed include:

1.      Not Enough Schools

The issue of education development in Atlanta is that there are not enough schools to house all the students enrolled in Atlanta. There are not enough good schools available for students to go to after high school graduation. There are only about 150 public schools in the city of Atlanta, but over half of these schools have been forced to close down due to financial problems and a lack of funds and resources from government agencies.

2.      Students don’t have Appropriate Guidance 

The other reason is that most students who want to go to college do not know where they can study their major subjects like math, science, and English at a good university because they did not take those subjects during their high school years (which would allow them access into these universities).

3.      They Need Better Facilities & Technology

There are disagreements on how significant utilization of technology can play in learning, even though today’s kids have grown and developed using it and have learned to anticipate it in the classroom. However, many schools in Atlanta are unable to purchase modern technology due to a lack of financing and low salaries, which has prevented their kids from acquiring sophisticated information.

For instance: they need to have more essay writing service in Atlanta for academic assistance. Teachers will gain from this as much as students. They can gather learning materials and current topics for educating students.

4.      Obsolete Teaching Techniques and a Lack of Instructor Creativity

The instructional strategies employed generations earlier are ineffective for today’s students. The Common Core Curriculum and the implementation of standardized testing have contributed to a lack of teacher creativity, which is one of the main factors restricting the Atlanta public education system. America requires more instructors who can better fit the demands of their learners, aren’t reluctant to stand up, and are actively working to bring change. Without professors willing to speak up, the change would not be possible because they are at the forefront ranks (BAW, 2018).

5.      Issues with Educational Impoverishment Are Getting Worse

More than 50% of kids enrolled in public schools around the Country are low-income, according to figures from the National Center for Education Statistics. Compared to 38 percent in 2001, this is a considerable gain. With 40% of government primary schools in 40 states eligible for free or lowered programs, this is a national issue. Student poverty rates are above 50% in 18 states. There is a substantial association between family income and student success as evaluated by standardized examinations, and studies it has been shown that moderate adolescents often do worse than wealthy students (Rubens et al., 2017).

6.      Reduced Pay for Teachers

Atlanta’s teacher pay is by no way high, and during the past couple of years, they have been slowly declining. In reality, data reveals that between the 2009–10 academic year and the present, the average earnings for government secondary school teachers decreased by over 5%. There are, of course, certain states where teacher pay has grown, and some teachers have seen an improvement in compensation, but these increases may or may not be sufficient to offset generally low earnings.

How Education Development in Atlanta Can Be Improved?

To improve the quality of education in Atlanta, several efforts need to be make by educational institutions, government bodies, and parents. Below are some of the vital aspects discussed:

1.      TFA Organization

As a result of these discussions, many organizations are working to solve these problems. One such organization is call Teach for America (TFA). The purpose of this organization is to recruit high school graduates who want to become teachers and then place them in the classrooms of poor urban schools to improve their quality of education.

One way that TFA accomplishes this goal is by providing scholarships that cover some or all of the cost of tuition at four-year colleges as well as living expenses during the first year after graduation.

2.      Improvements in Teaching Methods

Teaching methods are very important for improving the quality. Education because it affects students’ learning ability and retention capacity as well as their attitude towards studies. Improving teaching methods will help students to learn more effectively and efficiently which ultimately results in better grades. So teachers must be train properly. Moreover, the schools should also have a sufficient number of classrooms with proper infrastructure.

3.      Availability of Learning Resources

The schools should have enough resources such as books, computers, furniture, and other material required for teaching students. These materials should not only be useful for teaching but also for improving the quality of education provided by the school.

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Final Thought

Education is a key factor in the success of any country. The world has witnessed many countries which have achieved great heights of progress with the help of their educational system.

However, when it comes to education development in Atlanta, some improvements could be make. For this city to truly become a leader in education development, it must focus on providing more opportunities for students.


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