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Top Services Provided By Palm Desert Hair Restoration

Hair loss is a genetic condition in most cases that can cause male and female pattern baldness. But, many people can have other reasons too. Hair loss can also occur due to extreme stress, medical surgeries, medications, chemotherapy, etc. However, in this modern age of technology, the use of hair transplant techniques is significant. You can now get fuller growth of hairs using innovative services of hair restoration Palm Desert clinic. It is a renowned hair transplant center that renders several hair treatments. If you are suffering from baldness, you can visit for high-tech hair regrowth and implant services by expert hair surgeon Dr. Kahen.

Services offered in the hair restoration clinic are as follows

Smart FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

You can get the best hair transplantation to experience fuller and thicker growth of new hairs with FUE. The clinic is offering this intuitive smart graft using your own hair follicles. The healthy follicles will be extracted from donor sites such as the back and side of the head. These extracted hairs will be then implanted to bald sites such as the crown and top. This is the popular hair implant technique that is less invasive, less painful, and can be completed in-office.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

You can also consider FUT which is a smart hair restoration technique available in the clinic. It involves the removal of skin straps to extract individual follicles. Dr. Kahen will serve you with this hair transplant when you have male or female pattern baldness. This is a proven technique to render natural results and healthy growth of hairs with a natural cycle. This is a permanent treatment to restore hair growth and you will get utmost care during the procedure.

Smart PRP

Platelet-rich plasma or PRP therapy is a wonderful hair restoration technique that is available only at hair restoration Palm Desert. This is a non-surgical technique to store natural hair growth. If you have a receding hairline and bald patches on your head, you can get this treatment. However, this technique involves the extraction of your own blood to get plasma. The plasma is known to stimulate hair growth by giving strength to follicles. By visiting this center, you will get this treatment done as per your unique requirements. Your blood will be removed and placed in a centrifuge Tru Dose element. You will get the right amount of plasma injected into your scalp for constructive results.

Beard Hair Transplantation

After achieving the success milestones in hair restoration for the head, the clinic has introduced facial hair restoration. It is mainly referred to as beard transplant which is a technique to restore facial hairs. If you are suffering from alopecia or have less growth of beard due to genetics and other reasons, you have a solution. Dr. Kahen is a renowned name in hair restoration services. So, you can get the best beard transplant with FUE and FUT. This will extract your hairs from the head and implant them into the face. You can experience fuller growth of beard that will be natural-looking.

Eyebrow Restoration

Burns, trauma, overly plucked hairs, and genetics are the primary causes of eyebrow hair loss. Eyebrows are an important part of facial looks and aesthetic look. But, due to such reasons, if you have a total loss of eyebrows or have sluggish growth, you do not need to stress. At Palm Desert hair restoration clinic, you can find the best treatment for this problem. You can achieve a natural brow line from scratch to improve your facial beauty. The techniques of FUE and FUT are mainly used for hair restoration. So, you can schedule an appointment with a hair surgeon to get the expected outcomes.

Transgender Hair Transplant

Dealing with such hair restoration is quite more challenging than normal hair transplantation. However, this complicated task can take place inside this clinic under the supervision and care of Dr. John Kahen. He is an experienced hair surgeon with male-to-female and female-to-male hair transplants. So regardless of the gender, you have made a transition, it is possible to get a hair transplant to achieve a unique hairline. You can have the treatment with FUE and FUT to make this complex hair restoration achievable to complete gender hairs transition naturally.

Textured Hair Restoration

Textured hairs are usually associated with the African-American population. These types of hairs are extremely curled like waves and swirls. Therefore, grafting of these hairs is fairly complicated and requires utmost precision. So, you can get it done by this clinic to have a natural hairline without any pain. Modern techniques are involved in this hair transplant to make textured hair restoration a rewarding endeavor.

To Sum Up

Hair restoration palm desert is an award-winning hair transplant service. It is operated by Dr. John Kahen who has years of expertise in dealing with different hair restoration types. If you want to achieve reliable results from your hair transplant surgery then you can visit here. You can get the right advice for the best-suited treatment for your specific hairline and baldness types. With proper evaluation, you will be able to restore hair growth that lasts forever.


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