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Top 7 Mobile Development Trends You Must Follow in 2022

Mobile app development continuously increases with technological advancement, consumer behavior, and much more. Since latest mobile development trends is evolving at break-neck speed, it’s hard to survive without having one for your business and keeping up to date with the latest development trends.

Though there are various mobile development trends, you must follow hiring a mobile app development company to take your business to the next level. 

Thus, here are key mobile app development trends you must adapt in 2022 as these have already started to transform businesses.

Top 7 Mobile App Development Trends


 According to Statista, the number of mobile downloads in 2025 is expected to reach 187 billion from the Google Play Store. From the above figure, it is a clear signal that there is a tendency to decrease the number of downloads.

It will further increase sales and more business opportunities. So, let’s have a look at mobile app trends to win potential customers’ attention and get closer to them.

1. IoT App Integration:

The Internet of Things is not new, but it offers endless possibilities. People have become dependent on mobile apps to complete their daily tasks due to IoT technology. IoT mobile apps can control a house’s thermostat, lock/unlock a front door, connect to home security systems, and much more. Thus, you will see many apps in 2022 with IoT technology.

2. Flutter:

The main focus while developing a mobile app is which platform to follow, native or cross-platform, and which technology to choose Swift/Objective C, Java/Kotlin, etc.

Thus, app developers are giving more attention to this thing, but now, flutter app development services are gaining attention. It has changed the game rule as Flutter offers a complete solution with tools, framework, and widgets, helping developers to develop Android and iOS apps.

Additionally, it is predicted to be an important tool for developing the Fuchsia app – a new OS announced by Google. 

The reason behind the popularity of flutter app development as it offers a single code base for all platforms allowing apps to develop like clappers and in a comfortable way.

Don’t miss the benefits of Flutter this year!!

3. Artificial Intelligence:

Voice assistants like Siri or Alexa come to mind when thinking of AI. However, the app development use cases go far beyond this. 

A virtual assistant on the go lends a helping hand to a user for a variety of tasks such as locating information on the internet, notifying people of important events, reminding users of pending tasks, controlling a smart home, and reserving a table at a restaurant and much more.

Key AI Features are as Follows:

  1. Image recognition
  2. Text and image classification
  3. Sentiment recognition
  4. Speech recognition
  5. Face detection

Implementing artificial intelligence in your mobile apps will make apps smarter and improves overall performance. AI will change the way apps are built-in in 2022, from the backend development process to the frontend user experience.

4. Touchless Mobile Experience:

Mobile apps’ user experience has changed since buttons were replaced with touch screens. Nowadays, various trending gesture control techniques emerge for intuitive and convenient mobile usage, and you must include them all to make your app trending.

Thus, implementing this feature in your mobile application will help you become a market leader as it will change your mobile UX completely.

5. Chatbots:

Over the years, chatbots have been around and have become more advanced with time. Consumer demand has boosted the popularity of chatbots and has become a new industry standard in customer service.

However, only a few apps of the millions on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store use chatbots. Thus, by implementing the chatbot feature, you will be giving your customers human-like responses. 

6. Beacon Technology:

A wide variety of industries have embraced beacon technology. It can add state-of-the-art functionality to nearly any mobile app, from retail to healthcare and hospitality. 

Moreover, beacons can also be used to track your customer behavior and send out a push notification to encourage users to buy those products later.

Let your custom mobile app development company implement these features to make your app a big hit in 2022.

7. Super Apps:

Some of the prevalent Android apps are developed to run as a single ecosystem to create an integrated experience. The WeChat messaging app functions like a platform where consumers can interact with their friends and access a myriad of activities, for example, voice and text messaging, group messaging, payments, and games.

Social media platforms are catching up to amazing app development in the Western world. They’re evolving into platforms where users can buy without switching to other apps.

Wrapping up:


The way people look for mobile apps has completely changed, and app development companies are now developing advanced mobile applications as per consumer needs and requirements. As developing apps using old features and technology stack won’t be able to compete you in the market.

If you have a mobile app or are thinking of developing one, you must let developers implement the latest trends while developing your mobile app. 

However, it is not necessary to implement every app development trend, but it will help you understand the market so you can adapt the features per your app needs.



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