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All You Need To Know About Abstract Art Paintings

What Is Abstract Art and How Does It Work?

While realist art aims to show reality as it is, abstract art paintings try to depict reality as it is not. Color, form, shape, and line were utilized by early abstract painters in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to produce paintings, sculptures, and drawings that were purposely devoid of identifiable objects, landscapes, and people. Abstraction gave artists a new level of freedom to experiment with artistic processes, allowing them to reconfigure what “art” meant in the traditional sense.

Modernism and Post-Modernism, interdisciplinary movements that fostered a break from the established ideas, styles, and ways of thinking inherited from the Renaissance, Early Modern, and Victorian eras, went hand in hand with the emergence of abstract art.

 Many artists, including Pablo Picasso, Piet Mondrian, Wassily Kandinsky, Barbara Hepworth, and others. Devised and polished their own interpretations of abstraction, resulting in masterpiece paintings and sculptures today.

Abstract Art Paintings and Designs

To begin with, abstract art is extremely adaptable. Abstraction focuses on the image’s visual atmosphere and personality rather than the real content. As a result, the designer can manipulate color, form, and pattern to give a design a specific look

Splash, splatter, and drip of paint

Paint spatter pictures and drip textures, inspired by the work of American Abstract Expressionist Jackson Pollock, add a diverse and dynamic air to creative projects. These images are especially lovely as backgrounds for packaging and large-scale print designs like posters and banners. They add color, texture, and movement to layouts while also providing a surprisingly uniform and versatile backdrop for typography and logos.

Color Blocking

Mark Rothko, an American painter known for his large-scale “Color Field” works, helped to push art to new depths of abstraction. His large-scale paintings explored the psychological and dramatic possibilities of block color.

Look to Rothko’s work, as well as the work of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, an early proponent of Modern Abstract art, for vibrant, graphic inspiration in your own creations.

Designers of the International, or Swiss, Style of the 1950s drew inspiration from both of these artists. And it’s no surprise: basic color blocks provide a simple yet attractive backdrop for grid-based layouts.


Suminagashi, or Japanese marbling, is thought to be one of the original kinds of abstract art, with the first known example originating from the 10th century.

Before transferring colored ink to an absorbent medium like paper or fabric, the artist floats it in water. The results are ethereally gorgeous and abstract, and each marbling example is distinct.

This art style is particularly associated with publishing and intellectualism. Because marbled papers were employed in books created during the 18th and 19th centuries. Use marbled backgrounds in book or stationery designs, or on websites to give a digital design a more tactile feel.


Artists like Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque attempted to depict all conceivable viewpoints of a topic or object at the same time during the turn of the twentieth century. 

Designers may now update cubism with low-poly backgrounds and architectural planes. Giving background textures, vector graphics, and app designs a 3D, immersive quality.

Line Drawings

Joan Miró, a Catalan artist, mixed surrealist subject matter with abstract line drawings and paintings.

Line art is lovely in its simplicity, and designers may utilize it to communicate ideas and create symbols and logos.

Memphis Fashion

The diverse Memphis Style arose from a movement started in the early 1980s by a group of Italian designers, architects, and artists. Memphis style incorporates a variety of art forms, from Art Deco to Kitsch, and emphasizes geometric, strong color, and pattern.

Some critics dismiss Memphis’ lively, adventurous spirit as being of poor taste, but others adore it. Corporations have recognized that the style’s positive and joyful attitude is beneficial for attracting and converting customers.

The Memphis Style revival is taking a three-dimensional turn this year. The design gains a fresh edge thanks to CAD-generated renders and eye-popping 3D backgrounds.

Warp up:

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