The effect of whole Brain Teaching method on students

The advanced educational system brings many challenges each year. Teachers face many difficulties in addressing these challenges, and the current approaches fail to solve such issues. Students often fail to understand their lessons properly and demand programming homework help. Maintaining discipline and integrity among students has become a significant struggle for teachers.

Educators feel frustrated when amateur college students approach higher education. The Whole Brain teaching was designed by a group of three teachers from California that has successfully addressed the problems of thousands of teachers worldwide.

What is Whole Brain Teaching?

Whole Brain Teaching is an instructive method that has made the learning process highly engaging for the students. The process, to some extent, depends on mimicry and is based on neuroscientific features of the human brain. The Whole Brain teaching method aims to engage the entire area of a child’s brain.

The method was initially introduced in 1999; it promotes a high-energy, super-focused approach where teachers use games like challenges and inspirational strategies while extracting spontaneous spoken responses from their students t keep them interested the entire time.

Ways to implement Whole Brain teaching

Some strategies of the whole brain teaching method include:

  • Mirror words – the teacher says “mirror words” followed by raising her hands, the students repeat the exact phrase and action as their teacher did. After this, the students mimic the words and gestures of the teacher. This is a real example of the whole brain teaching principle that implies engaging multiple areas of a child’s brain at once.
  • Direct instructions – the less you express as a teacher, the fewer students interact. The Direct instructions technique is about dispensing information engagingly and excitingly. For example, you can express one point at a time using short lessons. You can also use bullet points and mirror class to condense the lesson’s content.
  • Collaborative learning – the collaborative learning approach means that you can learn from your friends and the lessons given by your teacher. One of the distinctive techniques of combined technique is Teach Okay. When the teacher utters “teach,” students must respond “okay” and start teaching each other using huge gestures.
  • Character education – when the teacher says “please,” students respond with “okay” when she says “thank you’ students reply with “you’re welcome.” The character education technique can teach the students to respect each other.


The effectiveness of the whole Brain teaching method

Whole Brain teaching aims to activate students’ brains for maximum engagement in the learning process. Due to its features, the whole brain teaching method can be implemented on primary and college-going students.

  1. Engages students – the “teach okay” “mirror words” activities are unpredictable and can be said anytime. For this reason, students stay attentive in the class and give their 100% concentration. As you enter the classroom, you start feeling energetic because of the lively spirit that the different challenges introduce among classmates. Through the mode of the game, you are beginning to look forward to the lesson and start loving it.
  2. Changes student behaviour –college students especially tend to defy their teachers. With the character education principle, students start growing empathetic towards each other and developing respect. The more students stay connected with the teaching, the less they show disrupted behaviour.
  3. Eliminates passive learning – the set of instructions developed in the whole brain teaching method consists of different strategies to involve students by eradicating passive learning. It combines the instructional techniques of cooperative learning and direct instructions. The teacher plays the role of a organiser, where lessons are delivered one at a time with patience. The whole brain teaching method aims to develop interaction between teacher and students and students with students.
  4. A new learning mode –students practice what they have learned in the class with their friends. The different gestures they use during learning help them retain some essential concepts. As students teach each other, teachers move around the classroom to see how the students perform and who needs more assistance. The whole brain teaching method is more engaging for students and encourages their active involvement in learning. The learning methods used in whole brain teaching are innovative and modern; it creates an operational learning environment for students. The active participation and engaging attitude of students make effective long-term learning.
  5. Increases focus among students – whole brain teaching method was developed with the intention to increase the attention and focus of students present in class. As per the recent research conducted by Clark, he found out that whole brain teaching is a medium of positive academic self-concept. Students’ engagement regarding their lessons has also increased ever since introducing the whole brain teaching method in the classroom. Additionally, the whole brain teaching method makes teachers aware of the status of students and their progress.
  6. Upgraded teaching techniques –Throughout the years, teachers have searched for a way to update themselves with new teaching methods. For example, the whole brain teaching method involves students in different class activities; the techniques of this method encourage the use of the entire brain of students. Also, whole brain teaching improves students’ retention power and increases their interest in learning. This positive attitude towards education helps students pursue their higher education and improves their writing skills to some extent.

Students should never feel shy to approach for assistance, be it Matlab Assignment help or any other service. The whole brain teaching method is a convenient and impressive approach towards education because it is engaging and interesting at the same time.

The modern teaching method allows teachers to address several issues faced while teaching students. On the other hand, students remain actively involved in classroom activities and do not feel bored.

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