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Recover Deleted SQL Database – 2022 Solution to Restore Server Data

We all must have gone through some scenarios where we accidentally delete our crucial data files. Yes, it is quite irritating, especially when it happens with your SQL Database files. This is why users want to recover deleted SQL database files after the permanent deletion. There’s a reason why users get troubled in this situation which is not having adequate knowledge of all the technicalities.

After reading this entire guide, users can restore deleted database SQL Server as we are going to explain the complete solution to them. To avoid any kind of errors & lags, carefully follow the entire guide & step by step procedure without skipping any key point. Have a look at the below-mentioned user query to know what an actual user faces in such scenarios.

Jeff Arroyo, United States of America
Hello sir, I accidentally deleted all of my MDF as well as NDF data files. Those files are quite important as a lot of my business dealing information was there. Is there some sort of solution available that can help me to retrieve deleted data SQL Server without any errors? Please suggest the best solution if there is any.

Restore Deleted Database SQL Server Using the Manual Method

Okay, so if you’ll search o internet, you’ll get to see a lot of articles on the manual solution. This is why in this blog our focus is on automated solutions rather than manual ones. Still, if you’re curious to know the manual methods, this section is having a glimpse of the manual solutions as well.

All the users have to make sure that they have to be technically wise when it comes to using manual methods. That’s because you have to perform each & every step as no software is capable of doing so.

Let’s have a look at the manual solutions below:

T-SQL Commands
The expert users can run the T-SQL commands to get their desired results. However, we can say that this isn’t for everyone, as you need to be proficient in SQL commands & queries with frequent practice. 

SQL Server Management Studio

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is quite a unique solution when it comes to managing the SQL Server database. It has several options to recover & repair deleted or corrupted data files.

Drawbacks of Manual Methods

  • The manual method is quite risky & possesses threats like data loss & corruption.
  • This solution is very time-consuming & users always get confused with the steps.
  • The lack of advanced features & interactive user interface makes it a lot slower.
  • These solutions are hectic & require in-depth knowledge of core technicalities.
  • New users won’t be able to execute this as users have to be experienced.

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Automatically Recover Deleted SQL Database – Best Solution

Now, when it comes to the automated solution, all of the manual limitations are eliminated with ease. This is because of the involvement of artificial intelligence & advance algorithms. A lot of users stated that this method is best as it makes the data recovery task quite simple. The best thing about this solution is that it’s short & safe.

This method is possible due to the SQL Database Recovery Tool which almost all experienced IT professionals are aware of. Users just need to download this tool for free & then follow the below step-by-step tutorial to get desired results.

Note- To restore deleted database SQL Server, users need to Run the Application as Administrator if they are working on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, & 10.

Step-1. Run the advance Tool & Click the Open button to add MDF files with deleted data.

step-1 recover deleted SQL database

Step-2. Select the Scan Mode as Quick or Advanced Scan option. Quick for low-level corruption & Advanced for high-level.


Step-3. In this step, users just need to Select the Destination Location to accommodate files. They can select SQL Server, CSV file, or even Script file as per their preference.


Step-4. The final step is to Hit the Export/Save option after selecting the required database objects.


Automated Tool’s Feature to Retrieve Deleted Data SQL Server

Now as we saw manual methods have several drawbacks. It’s time to know what features this automated solution offers that counters the drawbacks of manual methods.

If we talk about the shortcomings of this method, it’s just that it is a paid solution. However, it’s light on pocket & even comes with a demo(trial) version. Other than that there are plenty of features that are mentioned below.

  • This automated tool is capable of retrieving the permanently deleted SQL Database objects.
  • Users can easily get back their SQL tables, stored procedures, rules, triggers, views, indexes, etc.
  • To recover deleted SQL database, this tool provides users with simple steps & an interactive user interface.
  • The software can automatically detect the version & name of your SQL Server using the meta-data of the MDF/LDF/NDF data files.
  • The Quick & Advance scan option of this solution allows users to simply detect & repair the corruption issues from low to a high level.
  • Users do not need to install the SQL Server to get their files recovered as this solution is enough to handle that by itself.

The Final Verdict

Finally, after having the most detailed solution for the recovery operation, users can now recover deleted SQL database safely. Yes, the manual solution is quite hectic but you can select this as a backup option. If you’re looking for a hassle-free solution, then for sure, the automated utility is the key. That’s the reason most IT experts also use this solution themselves.

To restore deleted database SQL Server, the most crucial thing users require is the knowledge of core technicalities. Through this article, you can learn enough of these technicalities to successfully run your recovery operation. To avoid all the hassle, you can definitely select the above-mentioned tool without a doubt.

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