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See The Best Doctor Pulmonologist To Heal Symptoms Of COPD

Lung conditions are nothing to overlook. If you’ve been suffering from chronic cough, coughing up blood, or breathing difficulty, it’s high time you should have consulted a doctor. Breathing difficulty or not getting enough breath can be a sign of heart disease or anxiety disorder as well. So, it’s of importance that you know the underlying causes of experiencing these symptoms. In this blog, you know about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease shortly called COPD. It’s a long-term lung disease that restricts lung airflow leading to severe breathing difficulty. You can connect with the best doctor pulmonologist in Siliguri for optimal healing of COPD.

Heal Shortness of Breath

This condition develops gradually; make sure to consult your doctor if you experience a recurrent cough or shortness of breath. Early access to medical support can block complications coming your way. The two main forms of COPD include – emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis.

Emphysema is when air sacs and the innermost walls of those air sacs damage or rupture. Smoking is the leading cause of emphysema in people. Shortness of breath/dyspnea is the most prominent sign of this lung disease.

Chronic bronchitis, in simple terms, is an inflammation of the bronchial tubes. Nasal congestion, wheezing, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest are the common symptom of this chronic lung condition.

Knowing the Signs of COPD

Signs of COPD may appear when this disease becomes more advanced. Below are general symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease:

  • Dyspnea/shortness of breath
  • Frequent coughing
  • Coughing up mucus
  • Chest tightness
  • Wheezing
  • Ongoing respiratory infections
  • Fatigue
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Swollen ankles, legs, or feet

In the early stage of COPD, you may not spot significant symptoms. But recurring cough is not itself a good sign. Therefore, seeing a medical expert can be of good help that ensures fast COPD treatment.

Immediate medical assistance is required if you experience a racing heartbeat, severer shortness of breath, or blueness of fingernails or lips.

Who are at Risk of COPD?

Several factors may uplift your likelihood of COPD.

  • People with tobacco consumption/smoking have a greater risk of COPD. This progress develops with years of active smoking. However, exposure to second-hand, marijuana, pipe, cigar smoke can also be alarming for this lung disease.

  • Environmental or occupational exposure to lung irritants like air pollution, fumes, dust, chemicals, poorly ventilated rooms, can inflame your lung health.

  • Existing asthma can put one at risk of developing this chronic inflammatory lung condition.
  • The deficiency of Alpha-1 can increase the chance of developing COPD but rarely happens.


Symptoms of COPD Optimally

Diagnosis/Tests and Medical Care for COPD

Tests or diagnostic procedures that help rule out if you have COPD include – Chest X-ray, CT scan of your lungs, Laboratory test to identify Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, spirometry to assess your lungs, arterial blood gas test to evaluate your blood oxygen, carbon dioxide levels.

Before asking for all these tests, your pulmonologist conducts – a physical exam, review of medical history, and current symptoms. Connect with the best chest specialist in Siliguri to receive optimal treatment for COPD. Oral medication, inhalers, oxygen therapy, surgery, pulmonary rehabilitation programs are the most promising treatments for this medical condition.

Make sure that medical care can assist your health to some extent. But lifestyle change is key to your wellbeing. Be mindful of maintaining a healthy way of living as suggested by your chest specialist/pulmonologist. Try to refrain from what can affect your lungs, especially smoking practice. Plus, go for a routine check-up to keep track of your overall wellness.

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