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Orthopaedic Surgery: Effective Ways To Minimize Arthritis

Orthopaedic Surgery is one of the most sought after treatment procedures. People from various age groups can suffer from issues related to it and need immediate medical attention to get a proper solution.

Without availing of accurate treatment, the situation does not take much time to deteriorate. While suffering from these issues, various difficulties will occur on a regular basis.

Based on your diagnosis, your doctor will proceed with the treatment procedure. If your situation is a bit complicated and needs additional medical attention, the doctor will recommend you to undergo orthopaedic surgery in Siliguri.

You need to undergo treatment so that your situation can be addressed as early as possible to relieve you from discomfort. If treated early, you may not need to take the route of surgical procedures.

Many of us have the tendency to avoid surgical treatments. It is due to the complications and a bit of fear that comes alongside it, although need to understand a doctor will only suggest this only if he/she thinks of it as the last resort.

With great infrastructure and top-of-the-line medical surveillance, you would not find any complications and side effects beyond your operation. The process will be seamless and you will get to experience a perfect outcome as you had anticipated.


Under orthopaedic treatment, one of the most common circumstances for which patients visit a doctor is related to joint issues. These issues can create massive difficulties in managing daily life activities and lifestyle can get stalled due to it.

You need to receive proper treatment in order to recover from it completely. The most common type of joint issue is arthritis. While suffering from this condition, you experience joint swelling and joint pain. The muscles become stiff and the condition deteriorates with age.

The muscle and tissues gradually become fragile and simple functionalities like walking or moving from one place to another can become a strenuous activity for you in no time, thus you need proper treatment from a hospital in Siliguri.

Although if you stay in this condition without getting treatment, the situation may well get deteriorated very rapidly. Here let us see a few of the conditions that may play a pivotal role in triggering arthritis in your body.


With an existing family history of arthritis, the risk of suffering from the same increases. Thus you should be extra cautious to handle the situation from a relatively early age.


With excess weight, you stay at a bigger risk of getting affected by arthritis. As with additional weight, your muscles, joints, spine need to accumulate more pressure and stress which result in developing more chances of arthritis.


It is a common syndrome. We need to take necessary action to address our ageing muscles and joints.

Based on your condition, the doctor will suggest you to undergo orthopaedic surgery in Siliguri to recover the situation.

Symptoms and Treatments

Let us see a few of the symptoms that people usually experience while suffering from arthritis. Although, the condition and outcome may vary from patient to patient and not everyone will experience the same kind of symptoms –

  • Joint Stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Decreased Motion of Muscle
  • Fatigue
  • Decreased Joint Function
  • Redness
  • Chronic Joint Pain

If you are experiencing one or more conditions from the above-mentioned symptoms, you should immediately consult with an orthopaedic doctor. It is advisable to stay in constant contact with a doctor after a certain age so that you remain up-to-date with your body health.

The doctor usually diagnoses your body with the help of various imaging services and based on the results and determining the severity of your condition, the doctor proceeds with treatment procedures like –

  • Joint Fusion
  • Replacement of joint
  • Joint Repair

Additionally, the doctor will suggest you undergo various therapy sessions and especially get involved in regular exercise to keep your joints and muscles healthy and active. You should pick the best hospital in Siliguri where it offers the finest infrastructure and great facilities.

Under the surveillance of highly qualified doctors and advanced medication, the patient will experience a flawless treatment that is the ultimate objective for any patient as well as from the hospital point of view.

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