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How to Repair Corrupt MDF File? Damaged File Restoration Process

Synopsis: In this complete guide, we are going to learn how to repair corrupt MDF file in the most secure way. Both manual & automated solutions are there in this guide for users to solve their misery. The advantages & drawbacks of these solutions are also there in this guide to provide you guys with a complete solution. Reading this complete guide carefully will make you a pro at this solution.

SQL Server is still performing very well & competing with other database solutions. This is why it is holding the third largest userbase in its segment after Oracle & MYSQL. However, just like any other vertical, here also some issues are present. One such issue is the corruption of the primary MDF file. Therefore, users want to learn how to repair damaged MDF files. Let’s have a look at a real user query to understand the matter in depth.

Adrian Bower, United States
Hey guys, I’m from Los Angeles & working in an MNC as a data analyst. The SQL Server I’m currency using is having issues. I’m sure that my MDF files caught corruption & do not have any idea about how to solve this issue. My data files contain some very crucial client data. I can’t afford to lose this data at any cost. Please suggest to me any reliable solution to repair & recover these files ASAP.

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How to Repair Damaged MDF Using the Manual Operation

There are both automated & manual methods available to solve this issue. However, we don’t recommend users to opt for the manual methods but still, we received several user queries asking for the manual one only. Therefore, we are mentioning it here for users.

This method involves high-end technicalities & even for experienced users, it is a bit tricky. Then there is no chance that new users should risk their data files using the manual method. Follow the below procedure to get the results.

  • Run the DBCC CHECKDB in SQL Server to begin the operation as shown below:
    DBCC CHECKDB (Corrupt _Database_Name)

Tip:- no_infomsgs & infomsgs can also be used here by users if required.

    • Now Check the Index ID & here comes two scenarios explained below.
  • Index ID > 1 : Drop this one & simply recreate it.
  • Index ID = 0 or 1 : Again Run DBCC CHECKDB command with options like repair_rebuild, repair_fast, or repair_allow_data_loss as per the severity of corruption issues in this how to repair corrupt MDF file process.

Finally, the database will show 0 allocation errors and 0 consistency errors with your database name if everything goes perfectly. Otherwise, repeat the process again.


  • Comes with an outdated interface & needs users to get trained before.
  • SQL Server installation is necessary for the system you’re working on.
  • This method is confusing & hence several users get stuck in between.
  • It is a long-term method & users aren’t able to invest this much time.
  • A risky solution & one single mistake can wipe your entire database.

Know How to Repair Corrupt MDF File Automatically Without Any Issues

As we just saw the manual method several issues, the best solution that users can opt for is the automated solution available. Right now this solution is the best & trendy solution available as no other solution possesses such features.

The advanced Algorithms integrated with AI in this tool are a result of years of research & hard work by developers. Then only they were able to offer the SQL Database Recovery Tool to the world.

Download this tool for FREE & then follow the below-mentioned steps to learn how to repair damaged MDF in the safest manner.

Step-1. Run the Tool & then Hit the Open button to add your corrupt MDF files.

step-1 how to repair corrupt MDF file

Step-2. Select the Quick or Advance Scan option to detect low to high-level corruption.


Step-3. Set Destination as CSV File, Script File, or directly as SQL Server to store data.


Step-4. Finally, just select your database objects & Click on the Save/Export button option.


Tip:- Run the Software as Administrator if you’re working on the Windows operating systems 7, 8, 8.1, & 10. This will let you execute the method in a smooth flow.

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Automated Method Features to Learn How to Repair Damaged MDF

Let’s have a look at the advanced features available in this modern method that overcomes all of the limitations present in the automated solution. These features are the reason why IT experts & Microsoft’s MVPs are using this one instead of the hectic manual solutions.

Below are the most advanced features listed as this solution has plenty of mind-blowing features.

  • Users can easily repair the SQL tables, triggers, functions, views, stored procedures, indexes, etc database objects.
  • Learning how to repair corrupt MDF file is easy this way as this solution comes with an interactive user interface.
  • Users can repair low-level corrupted as well as highly corrupted MDF data files using the Quick & Advanced Scan mode.
  • The software can easily detect the SQL Server Version & Name using the metadata. It also offers a manual way for this.
  • There’s no File size limitation implemented on this tool. Users can process/repair large-sized data files without lags & errors.
  • It supports MDF data files of SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008/2008 R2, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2019. Moreover, there is no need to install the SQL Server.

The Final Verdict

After discussing the various aspects of this solution, we can say that it’s not difficult to solve corruption if you have the right tool & technique. Just gather the complete knowledge of the operation & then execute the step-by-step procedure. We can say that to learn how to repair corrupt MDF file, the automated solution is the best available method so far.

The manual method also works but as we can see it is complex. This can be your backup option. If you are not able to get the automated solution somehow, use the manual one but be very careful as you’ll be putting your sensitive data at stake. We hope you are well trained to solve the issues of corrupt MDF files.

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