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10 Most Interesting Things to Do in Alleppey Backwaters, Kerala

Nature is a tourist’s paradise. Being referred to as ‘God’s own country,’ Kerala is a sight to behold. Alleppey is Kerala’s claim to fame, and it draws tourists for a variety of reasons. In Alleppey, there are a lot of interesting things to do in Alleppey that can be enjoy while planning your trip to Kerala with Alleppey Tour Packages. Backwaters, the most well-known tourist destination in Alleppey, Kerala, have added to the natural beauty of this location, making it incredibly well-known. The backwaters and houseboats in this area have attracted a lot of tourists, overshadowing all other prominent sights in this southern town. Even though they are must-do activities for visitors to Kerala, this location boasts a variety of additional eye-catching hues.

Come visit this wonderful and simple village if you are a true nature lover who will cherish and adore this place’s tranquilly for all time. Here is a list of enjoyable things to do in Alleppey for anyone who is considering a fun trip to Kerala, including houseboat tours, trekking, spa treatments, backwater cruises, and much more.

1.Enjoy Your Houseboat Stay

Houseboats and backwaters resemble soul sisters. It is impossible to ignore the magnificence of staying in the enormous, which is an unforgettable experience. Enjoying a houseboat stay on Alleppey’s backwaters will complete your trip. The exquisitely constructed houseboats come in various price levels and offer a wide variety of activities. You can remain, prepare food, spend the evening on the boat’s balcony, and have an incredible time. You absolutely need to include this on your Alleppey checklist.

2.Discover Your Spiritual Side In Alleppey

St. Mary’s Forane Church, located in the Champakulam neighborhood, is one of Alleppey’s must-see attractions if you are a believer or a fan of the architectural design of churches and other places of worship. It is one of India’s oldest churches overall. The Ambalapuzha Temple is another must-see location in the area. It is referred to as Lord Krishna’s home. Visitors can see the most exquisite mural paintings on exhibit during the renowned Ambalapuzha Temple Festival in South India, which is recognized for its impeccable architecture. Those with a refined palate can look forward to this restaurant’s specialty, Ambalapuzha Palpayasam, sweet milk porridge. At this Church, you can also explore your religious side.

3.Take A Walk At Night And Enjoy A Bonfire 

Walking at night on Alleppey’s streets is really incredible. Your night will be captivating because of the quiet and the murmur of the backwaters. You may enjoy taking a nighttime stroll with friends and family. Even chit-chat is possible there while enjoying a bonfire and the night. Without visiting Alleppey, which is regarded as one of Kerala’s most amazing tourist destinations, your journey to South India would be wholly lacking.

4.Indulge In An Ayurvedic Spa Massage To Relax

For weary metropolitan residents and souls, ayurvedic massage is ideal. The resorts that offer spa services and Ayurveda in Alleppey don’t need an introduction. Many resorts provide Ayurvedic treatments for uncommon and persistent ailments. The ultimate rejuvenation and relaxation, which is simply heavenly, are guaranteed by massages and spas, which will also assist to rejuvenate your life and skin overall. The cost of a spa massage starts at 1000 rupees and can reach 5000 rupees or more. In Alleppey, you can treat yourself to an Ayurvedic massage and a high-end spa experience using scented essential oils produced in Kerala.

5.Satisfy Your Senses With Delicious Cuisine

If you consider yourself a serious food enthusiast, you must sample the local cuisine wherever you go.  The restaurant offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives. The fact that the food would be served on banana leaves, as is customary, is one interesting thing you would discover. The food would enliven your taste senses while not being overly spicy. One can select from classic fish curries made with coconut, Vada, chickpea curries, and, among the favorites, fried banana chips. Your taste buds will be satisfied by Alleppey’s many excellent restaurants. Book your Alleppey tour packages to explore these stunning destinations along with try amazing things to do in Alleppey.

6.Breathtaking Sunset Views Are Treat For Nature Lovers

Watching the sunset and sunrise has to be the most beautiful sight there and it is one of the most fascinating things to do in Alleppey. Set your alarm and go to Pozhiyoram if you enjoy seeing amazing things. Although it is a lovely beach, not many water sports are popular there. It promises to be a more tranquil setting where you may unwind while spending the rest of the evening watching the sunset. From this tiny beach, one can see the river merging with the backwaters. A photographer’s dream, you can capture stunning images of a boat or two anchored at the shore or usually floating close while the sun sets in the background. This definitely ought to be on your list of places to see in Alleppey!

7.A Number of Activities to Enjoy at The Alleppey Beaches

If you haven’t put up the sunshade and taking a break on the Alleppey beach, your holiday isn’t complete. Nothing compares to resting on the sand in the shadow of the country’s famously large and stunning palm trees. You can go swimming or play a game of water volleyball with your friends. In Alleppey, there are enjoyable pursuits and exciting things to do for everyone. The finest destination for individuals seeking peace and quiet is Alleppey. Grab your hat and shades, read a book, or listen to some calming music while taking in the scenery and the tranquility of the seas.

8.Alleppey Hosts the Nehru Boat Race Each Monsoon.

The boat race is a significant component of Keralan tradition and culture. It is an annual race that gives fans a lot of excitement. One of the renowned boat races held in India is the Nehru Trophy Boat Race. Since it first took place in 1952, the boat race has drawn spectators from all over the world. The large boat traveling through Alleppey’s backwaters will be a very significant experience. On this day, which is often held on the second Saturday of the month of August, you will be able to enjoy performances of folk dance and music. On Punnamda Lake in Alappuzha, Kerala, this boat race is organized. Millions of people visit this location to see this incredible event.

9.Go Backwater Exploring And Watch The Sunset From A Lighthouse

This location is all about taking a trip down Alleppey’s lovely history lane, where you can explore the beaches and watch the sunset from the lighthouse at Alappuzha. It includes a small, charming lighthouse that has been left alone, offering the most breathtaking views for photographers to capture. This beach offers marine products, coir products, and a 137-year-old pier that expands into the water. You can participate in boat racing, calm relaxation, and archaeological discovery. People who reside nearby like to choose this place as their preferred weekend gateway.

10.Indulge in Shopping at Local Markets in Alleppey

The ideal location for shoppers is here, without a doubt. Avoid leaving Alleppey at all costs without spending some time on unique south Indian jewelry, small trinkets, relics, and local handicrafts. The best spices at the lowest prices may be found in Alleppey’s little shops. One of the most popular goods in this region is maritime-related. These goods are available for purchase at Alappuzha Zakariya Market.

Just book your Alleppey tour packages from Lock Your Trip and get ready to experience all the best things to do in Alleppey. So, make plans to travel to South India with your family, friends, or your loved one and experience great locations and exhilarating activities in Kerala.

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