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Overview: Learn the best ways to import PST emails to Seamonkey email application. In this write-up, we will provide you both manual as well as the automated solution that will help you to do the conversion without facing any hurdles.

Table of Content 

  • What is PST File and Seamonkey 
  • Different method to transfer emails from PST to SeaMonkey
  • Professional Method
  • Working Steps of the Software
  • Features 
  • Manual method to import PST file to SeaMonkey
  • Drawbacks of the manual approach
  • Conclusion 

About PST File Format and SeaMonkey Email Application

PST file is the most commonly used and popular file format. Users can easily export Outlook emails, contacts, calendar and many more items in a PST file. 

It is one of the popular email clients that is used for communication purposes. It is an open source email application. It is completely free of cost and stores all its data in .mbox file format. 

When it comes to email applications there are plenty of options available for the users. There are a number of paid and free services available and it is up to the users which one is to choose according to their requirements.

There are multiple circumstances when we need to migrate from one application to another. And when we do this, accessing the data from the old email client to the new one without losing a bit of info will become a difficult task.

Suppose, we are planning to transfer the data of Outlook email application to Seamonkey, then we have to import PST emails to SeaMonkey.

For understanding the situation in a better way let us see the user’s query on this:  

Hey! My name is Jack. I have been using MS Outlook for a very long time. Recently, I joined a new organization. And in this organization, Seamonkey is the main email application. Now, I have to move my important emails to SeaMonkey. But before switching I want to know the process to transfer emails from PST to SeaMonkey as I am not aware of the correct procedure. Kindly suggest a reliable solution for this. Thanks in advance!”


Stay with us for a while and you will get to know the best solution to your request. 

Different Approaches to Transfer PST to SeaMonkey  

  • Professional PST Converter Tool (Recommended one)
  • Traditional Method

Import PST Emails to SeaMonkey – A Reliable Solution

From the above user’s query, there are multiple users who are looking for the same and want to know the best yet smart technique. There are plenty of instant solutions available online but they are not reliable. As we know that the data is very important for the users. So to keep that in mind we have come up with an advanced and trustworthy PST Export Tool to give you the accurate results.


It is the most trusted and reliable utility by which users can easily do the conversion. This smart application is developed by advanced technology that can instantly transfer emails from PST to SeaMonkey. The user can easily perform its task within a few clicks. It has a user-friendly interface. The user who is a newcomer and does not have that much technical skill can also use the software and easily do their job.


Know How the Tool Works

  • Download and install the software on Windows System
  • Now, browse and add PST file add pst file
  • Here, you will see the preview of loaded data items along with its attachmentspreview modes
  • After that, choose MBOX file from the option givenchoose MBOX
  • Finally, click on the Export on export

After the completion of the procedure you have the MBOX file. Now you can easily import the MBOX file to SeaMonkey. As we know, the Seamonkey email application supports MBOX file format.

Features that Makes the Software Superior from the Others

  • This software can add and transfer multiple PST files at one time without losing your important data.
  •  PST files that are highly corrupted and damaged can be easily fixed and converted to the desired format by this utility.
  • There is no need for installation of any email application. The software can perform the task without any supportive email client.
  • The tool has the ability to recover permanently deleted items and export in multiple formats.
  • Users can preview emails along with attachments and its properties too.
  • The tool is compatible with Windows 11 operating system and all other below versions.
  • Tool maintains the original folder structure. It does not change a bit of the user’s data info.

Import PST Emails to SeaMonkey Manually

  • Open MS Outlook application in your computer
  • Choose the folder where desired emails are located
  • Drag and Drop the emails on your desktop using the cursor
  • Now, the emails are saved in MSG format
  • After this, select the converted MSG files and right click on it
  • Select Open with.. option
  • At the end select the SeaMonkey option.

Challenges Faced by Users When Performing the Manual Method

  • MS Outlook Needed: To perform the task manually we need MS Outlook installed in the system. The process will be performed with the email application.
  • No Bulk Migration: In this approach only one email can be converted at a time. Bulk migration is not possible in this approach.
  • Extra Human Effort: It requires the constant involvement of the users
  • No Additional Features: There are no additional features available while performing the manual approach. Features like date filter, file naming style are not available in the manual method.

Author Suggestion

In this blog, we have explained the simple process to import PST emails to SeaMonkey by the most proficient tool. It has amazing features and functionalities that make it different from other tools. Users who do not have technical knowledge and want to transfer emails from PST to SeaMonkey with attachments can perform the work easily. Because of its unbeatable functions it is recommended by experts to use the software.

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