Quick Tips to Make Your Family Bingo Games More Fun!

Bingo makes a great family game.

It’s easy enough for the kids, and there are many different types of bingo games that can be played as well as variations on each type.

Basically, you need a large group of people (ideally around 20 or more!) and a copy of a bingo card with numbers randomly placed on it.

You also need an ’emcee’ who calls out which number is up next.

Here are some tips for making your next family bingo night extra fun:

1) Buy two colors of posterboard if you plan on having two teams or playing in multiple rounds; this way you can customize cards for each round/group/team.

2) Make sure you have enough bingo cards for everyone! You can either make your own or buy them at an office supply store.

Try to get one card per person in case they fade out during play, etc.

Also include extra blanks on the back of each card for replacements.

3) If playing with small children, try using number stamps instead of numbers written on paper or use plastic animals or fruit pieces with stickers attached that represent the numbers 1-20.

This way if markers are thrown around they won’t get mixed up with adult marker colors, and the kids will love it when someone calls their number!

4) Put a prize behind every number in every round!

This way someone could conceivably win the game in their very first turn!

See if you can find inexpensive prizes at thrift stores or determine what each person would really like to have and let them pick from several options.

5) When playing a Bingo-within-a-Bingo, play with jellybeans of various colors.

If the jellybeans aren’t eaten during the course of the bingo night, there will be a tasty treat left for someone on the following day!

6) Play a coverall within a larger number of bingo.

This adds an extra layer of excitement as players race to get all four corners…or even better try to get every number covered on your card!

7) Get creative! Two of the most popular variations on traditional bingo are as follows:

Pictionary Bingo: You pick a category (i.e. car, food, animal, etc.) and draw it on your card; each picture needs to be somewhat similar to those drawn by other players, and if someone yells Bingo!

before you finish drawing then that number is considered covered.

Cover All: This is like regular Bingo except after all the numbers have been called everyone tries to get every single number covered; this can end up with many winners instead of just one.

8) Make sure there are enough markers for everyone playing!

This means having extra just in case some are thrown during play.

9) When calling numbers, say the number once clearly followed by the word ‘bingo’ so that with even just a little background noise everyone can hear you!

You don’t want someone to win an important prize because they couldn’t hear their number being called!

For example, it should go something like this: “Three bingos!”

10) Good luck and have fun!

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