Hair Extensions and Hair Color Packaging Boxes

Hair extensions and hair color packaging boxes are a new trend in the fashion industry. With the advent of this fashion, people are trying to follow their celebrity stars to look like them. The manufacturer of hair extensions uses every resource to be on top in this field.

The product and its packaging are also a primary concern. Like the other cosmetic substance, hair extensions need to be present attractively and charmingly. There is a variety of compelling custom-made hair extension boxes to choose from.


Hair Extensions Boxes 


As we know that the Hair Extensions and Hair Color Packaging Boxes are not only in blonde, brown, red, or black, but they are available in every color as per the demand or occasion, so is the custom-made packaging for each color.

Hair extension boxes are also made of bespoke packaging to attract more customers and put them in the desired shape not to damage the product’s style, color, and texture.


Customized packaging offers variety in its different sizes, shapes, colors, and types. Every box is different from the other category. A manual guide is included on using this product, even though plenty of people already know their way around these things.

The standard shape for these hair extensions is a rectangular bar-like box that carries the product along with its style. A windowpane is adding to the box to show the color or style of the product.


Some fancy custom-made packaging also put these hair extensions in a square box with no pane window. Finishing options are also as per the client’s choice to make it glossy or matte.


Hair Colors


Hair color or hair dye has been in this world for since long and has become a widespread practice among all people. Changing your hair color gives you a fresh start and enhances your style.

Like many other things, the hair colors range is more easily grown and available. Let’s say that a hair color company wants to have custom-made boxes that represent uniqueness and quality like no other brand offers. For that, custom packaging for hair color is a savage indeed.

Hair Extensions and Hair Color Packaging Boxes


Hair Color Boxes 


Hairs color or hair dye packaging includes primary and secondary packaging like many other cosmetics nowadays:

Here are some common types of hair extensions and hair color packaging boxes.

  1. Hair dye is put in the metal tube, and the other substance is placed in another plastic-type container.
  2. These are then placed in a cube-shaped box.
  3. A manual guide gives in the box to guide the user on using it. It also teaches how much quantity is necessary for the required result.
  4. Some companies even put plastic gloves, applicators, and shampoo for customer care.


Some companies are using plastic bottle-type containers for primary packaging. For secondary, they use custom-made boxes that can finish with matte, UV spot or glossy options; hair color/ hair dye bespoke boxes are available in small and large sizes for convenience.

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