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Kedarkantha Trek How to Reach and Distance


Its almost touching the feet of Sankri Village and is almost 10 km away from the Dehradun kedarkantha is situated at 12,500 feet in the state Uttarakhand. kedarkantha means it’s a throat of Lord Shiva there are many famous temples other than kedarkantha. There are many myths about this place and often people confuse it with the Kedarnath trek. Although both the places are connected with the same historical and mythological background. This trek will give you an inimitable view of the cosmic sky, lush meadows, and snowy paths.

Meanwhile you can also take the advantages of Bhrigu Lake Trek on the Way

How to Reach

The beginning point will be from Sankri Village as a base camp. But first, you have reach to Dehradun from Delhi via bus, train or flight. Then to Sankri village from here, the kedarkantha will be approx 25 km. It will get covered in 4-5 days alongside Juda Ka Talab.


Nearest Railway Sation: 

Dehradoon railway station connects to different states like Delhi, Mussoorie, Mumbai, Varanasi, Lakhnow, Kolkata.


Nearest Airport:

At Dehradun 25 km from the city, Jolly Grant Airport serves daily flights from Delhi.


Dehradun To Sankri Village


Before starting with this distinct experience in this holy land you need to get aware of geographical conditions here. This trail will start from the small village of Sankri in Uttarakhand situated at 6000ft. This homestead is going to be the base camp for kedarkantha. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and tiny homes from this place it’s going to be visual treats for eyes towards mountains. Many people come every year to this location to explore the Himalayan ranges. From here we are going to 12000 ft at kedarkantha by meeting the charm of frozen lakes and dense forest in the journey. It’s going to be a 25 km trek throughout which is the best experience for beginners.  


Distance: 220km (Dehradun to Sankri)

Altitude: 6,400 ft

Duration: 10-11 hours


Sankri Village to Juda Ka Talab


This is the fascinating lake you will come across during the trek. Situated in Govind Wildlife Sanctuary. The lake is frozen in the months of winter. It is said that once Lord Shiva ha opened his locked hair little. The small amount of water dropped from his hair and this mesmerizing lake has formed. This lake can be spotted 4km from the Sankri village.

Distance: 5km (Sankri to Juda ka Talab)

Altitude: 9000ft

Duration: 5 hours


Juda Ka Talab to kedarkantha Base Camp

From Juda Ka Talab to kedarkantha base camp it will be a 4 km trek amidst the pine forest. Which will end to an eminent peak of mountains at 11,250ft. This scenic view includes peaks of Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, Kala Nag, and Rangalana also the kedarkantha peak is visible.


Distance: 4km (Juda ka Talab to kedarkantha)

Altitude: 11,250ft

Duration: 3 hours


Kedarnath Base Camp to kedarkantha Peak to Hargaon

The 360-degree view of mountains from this altitude will leave you in one of your finest experiences. The finest view of the Sunrise from kedarkantha Peak will make you spellbound. Walking through these illuminating rays of the sun will give the extraordinary experience of the Himalayas. The captivating view of peaks makes you amazed. 

Distance: 6km (kedarkantha Base Camp to kedarkantha Peak) Altitude: 8,900 ft to 12,500ft

Duration: 6 to 7 hours


Hargaon To Sankri Village

Saying adieu to the splendid kedarkantha trek, by reaching Sankri village via Hargaon. This trail is going through a stone-paved road. Also meanwhile in this returning journey, you will come across the striking Har Ki Dun valley. Once you are back in Sankri it is up to you that you want to explore this little hamlet or to head back to Dehradun.

Distance: 6km (Hargaon to Sankri Village)

Altitude: 6,400 ft

Duration: 4 hours



This tantalizing kedarkantha trek of 4 days will be the most alluring experience of your life. Well plan yourself for the journey and don’t forget to lose in the glorious beauty of mountains. At peak, you will definitely come to know that how powerful this destination is. This is going to be an exigent journey for your fitness for sure. Himalayan beauty always keeps our feet grounded as they test how much our spirits are high.




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