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10 Fun and Enjoyable Things to Do in Sacramento

Sacramento may not be the most popular destination for tourists in California. But it’s certainly a great place to visit if you have time! We’re all about helping people make the most of their time. We put together this list of fun and enjoyable things to do in Sacramento. These activities make your trip more exciting trip. So without further ado, here are our top 10 things to do in Sacramento!

1) Hiking & Camping

California is home to some of America’s best natural treasures, so why not explore them while they’re still around? The Sierra Nevada mountains offer high-altitude views and peak-bagging opportunities. While Yosemite National Park offers amazing sights as well as camping. If you prefer warmer climates, you can enjoy plenty of beach time at Lake Tahoe or Joshua Tree. Add a little culture on your trip by visiting one of Sacramento’s many art museums or even simply enjoying a play at any one of its local theaters. No matter what you choose, it’ll be hard not to have fun! Just remember to wear sunscreen.

2) Golf Courses

In addition to beautiful golf courses, Sacramento has two world-class golf resorts: The Shady Oaks Country Club and C. K. Cotton Golf Course (both of which are open for public play). Here you can also get information about special deals on your sacramento trip with Spirit Plane Tickets and other discount offers in Alternatively, you can take advantage of one of three nearby PGA Tour-sanctioned country clubs: Folsom Lake Golf Course (North), Los Rios Country Club (South), or Haggin Oaks Golf Complex (Central). And when you’re finished playing a round, don’t forget about SacTown Sports Bar & Grill—located just a few blocks from Haggin Oaks—for great food, drinks, live music & events seven days a week! If you have an extra day to spare during your visit, definitely add one or more rounds at these prestigious courses to your itinerary! You won’t regret it.

3) Wineries

California is home to some of the most highly rated wineries in America. While Napa Valley is arguably one of, if not THE most popular region for wine tasting, it certainly isn’t alone. In fact, there are a ton of wonderful wineries spread throughout California that produce delicious wines. Take a trip to beautiful northern California (Napa/Sonoma) or venture south towards San Diego – there’s something for everyone. It seems you can never go wrong with choosing wine country as your destination of choice when trying to find fun things to do on vacation! From unique winery tours and tastings, to relaxing at a cozy bed & breakfast during your stay, you’ll always be able to find an enjoyable time during any season.

4) Breweries

The beer scene has been booming recently, with more than half a dozen microbreweries popping up within recent years. If you like bold flavors, it’s worth stopping by one of these local craft breweries for a tasting. Here are a few of our favorites: Track 7 Brewing Co., Bike Dog Brewing Co., Ninkasi Brewing Co., Hammer & Sickle Brewery, American River Brewing Co., Auburn Alehouse and Blue Note Brew Cafe. You can also visit The Four Brewers in West Sacramento where you can learn about their process while enjoying your own brew. This is definitely one of our favorite things to do when we want something fun to do outside!

5) Rideshare Apps

Uber, Lyft, Sidecar: These are incredibly affordable transportation options for those who need it. Uber offers a reliable ride from point A to point B for roughly $7 each way within downtown Sacramento. For example, Uber fare from midtown (where I work) down to Old Sac (one of my favorite places!) would cost about $6-8 if you catch it during surge pricing time – which can be an easy way to save money when going out on weekends. The rideshare apps are user friendly and are generally quite safe because you’re always connected with your driver via GPS throughout your trip. While these apps aren’t necessarily just for fun they can be a lot of fun!

6) The Beach

The beaches of Lake Tahoe are a short drive away, making it easy for residents of Sacramento to take advantage of outdoor adventures. Lake Tahoe boasts more than 500 miles of shoreline, so there’s plenty of room for everyone. The clearest waters on Earth make Lake Tahoe one of our planet’s greatest natural wonders. Stand beneath its majestic peaks and crystal-clear waters or windsurf on its placid lake surface. You can even parasail off its highest point – Mount Tallac – at 7,983 feet above sea level! Whether you have time for a weekend getaway or just an afternoon jaunt, you’ll love exploring Lake Tahoe with all your senses. Although you may come back with an empty gas tank and a heavy heart from being separated from such glorious beauty, we promise that you will always want to return again soon. After all, it really is the world in miniature…in deep relief.

7) Museums & History

If you’re into learning, Sacramento has plenty of opportunities. Museums, art galleries, and historical society centers will help you get familiar with our rich history—not to mention it makes for great photo ops. And if any of that piques your interest, there are plenty of museums spread throughout our diverse neighborhoods. The California State Railroad Museum is particularly popular; ride a train from Folsom or Old Sac one weekend morning (just don’t forget your camera).

8) Zoos & Nature Centers

This capital city has a great selection of zoos, nature centers, aquariums, botanical gardens and historical societies to visit with Spirit Airlines Destinations. Some of these places include: The Horniman Museum & Gardens, Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park, Crocker Art Museum, California Automobile Museum and Mather Mansion. You can also enjoy outdoor activities like hiking or visiting one of our state parks including Folsom Lake Recreation Area. Many of these are located right city limits.

9) Movies, Concerts, Plays & Events

If you’re looking for a fun night out, there are lots of opportunities for entertainment here. If you like music, go catch a show at one of several venues around town. Grab some friends and make it a night on the town! If you’re more into movies, check out local cinema companies or head to one of our many theaters. You can also attend some sporting events like basketball games at Golden 1 Center or baseball games at Raley Field. There are all sorts of exciting things happening in Sacramento if you know where to look! Be sure to check our event calendar when planning your next evening out so that you don’t miss anything!

10) Restaurants, Bars & Clubs

If you’re looking for a night out with friends, there are plenty of great options that aren’t bars. For example, a game of bocce ball at Colonial Bistro can be just as entertaining as an evening spent drinking. California Musical Theater is home to both professional theater productions and educational programs for children, meaning it’s not just a fun night out for adults but also for kids as well. And if you want some music with your dinner and drinks, head over to The Music Circus for weekly performances by local performers.

If there are certain things that interest you that we left out, we encourage you guys to comment below!

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