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The Top 10 Kerala Desserts You Shouldn’t Miss

Is a day complete if it doesn’t include dessert? When you’re in Kerala, your massive sweet craving sets up an immediate alert. You will always have space for sweets, no matter how much you eat here.  If you disagree with this statement, you will undoubtedly answer a resounding YES when you visit Kerala. Despite the fact that the area is known for its mouth-watering spices and seafood, the sweets have a unique taste and flavour.  All of the Kerala desserts are delicious.  If you visit Kerala, make sure to sample these ten wonderful desserts. You can visit Kerala by just choosing the perfect Kerala tour package offered by Lock Your Trip

Continue reading to learn more about these Kerala sweets:

Palada Payasam

Palada Payasam is a staple in Kerala families and is one of the state’s most popular sweets. Cardamom, sugar, and butter are used to flavour this dish, which is made by softening crunchy vermicelli and rice in milk. This delightful dessert is decorated with raisins and cashew nuts to add the taste and texture. This dessert is served as part of the traditional Onam special meal. 

Banana Halwa

Bananas are a fruit that we all like. Have you ever tried a meal with bananas and a lot of butter? This divine Kerala sweet is nothing less than a miracle. Everyone’s mouth will moisten for sure because of the glossy texture, golden brown colour, and excellent softness. Ripe bananas, sugar, ghee, almonds, and cardamom powder are the main components in Banana Halwa. If you are booking Kerala tour package, you can’t miss out on this delicious Banana Halwa. 

Nei Appam

The next item on the list is the most popular Kerala sweet, which will drive you insane with its distinct flavour. The batter is similar to that used to make jaggery pancakes. The appams are deep-fried in ghee till golden brown. When visiting Kerala, don’t forget to try the hot Nei appams. Rice flour, coconut, cardamom, milk, ghee, and jaggery are the main components that give Nei appam its distinct flavour. This golden-brown delight is a popular tea-time treat. This is available at almost every small shop in Kerala, as well as high-end hotels. Book Kerala tour package to enjoy this delicious dessert of Kerala. 

Rava Laddoo

We’ve all heard of laddoo because it’s a popular snack in India. In the north, it’s known as Moti Laddoo, whereas in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, it’s known as Boondhi Laddoo. What about the state of Kerala? The Rava Laddoo is a popular Kerala treat among children. Rava Laddoos are little hemispheres flavoured with coconut, dried fruits, and cardamom, and are one of the most popular dessert to eat in Kerala tour package. When visiting God’s own nation, don’t forget to bring back a box full of these mouth-watering Laddoos for friends and family. 

Chatti Pathiri

Keralans call a meal Chatti Pathiri when it first catches your eye with its look and then your heart with its taste. This multilayered delicacy is constructed with pastry dough sheets and filled with a variety of savoury and sweet contents. It is sold and consumed during the Ramadan holiday when the fast is broken. This delicacy is well-known in Malabar and is considered one of the greatest Kerala desserts ever. The layers of pastry sheets and delicious custard filling, topped with sesame seeds, will take you to the heaven. 

Ada Pradhaman

When visiting Kerala, this tongue-tingling meal is a must-try. In Kerala, Ada Pradhaman is recognized as the “King of Sweets.” It has a distinct flavour that is typical of Kerala. No sweet can compare to the softness of coconut and banana, the crunchiness of rice, and the sweetness of jaggery in Ada Pradhaman. In Kerala, a dinner without Ada Pradhaman is definitely incomplete. 

Mutta Maala

Mutta Mala, a Ramadan favourite in Kerala, is a dessert created from only three ingredients: egg, sugar, and water. This dessert is not to be missed when visiting Kerala during the holidays and is made by putting egg yolks through a tiny hole into boiling sugar water until the yolks resemble strings.

Arisi Theingai Payasam

Across the country, Arisi Thengai Payasam is also known as rice coconut kheer. This delicious dessert is one of Kerala’s most popular cuisines. It’s prepared by soaking jaggery in warm water, grinding it, then heating it until it’s thick and transparent, similar to caramel. The rice is then mixed and mashed with coconut before being boiled with milk and thickened jaggery. After a few minutes of cooking, the Arisi Theingai Payasam produces a delectable scent that tempts you to try it straight away. So what are you waiting for, just book Kerala tour package and enjoy this unique sweet dish of Kerala. 

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Elaneer Pudding

It is one of Kerala’s most unusual and visually appealing sweets. Elaneer Pudding is a pleasant and healthful dish that is beautifully set with gelatin. This dish, made with condensed milk, coconut, sugar, milk powder, and essence, has a wonderful balance of sweetness and has won the hearts of millions of people. 

Orange Payasam

One of the most popular flavours, even among children, is orange. Orange’s energetic and acidic flavour can liven up any dish. When it’s combined with the popular Payasam, the fan base grows even more. This rich and flavorful sweet dish is made with an outstanding mixture of thick orange pulp blended with coconut oil and cooked rice paste. 

When you visit Kerala, make sure to taste each and every dessert, because dessert is the perfect way of happiness in a balanced diet. Prepare to savor the greatest Kerala sweets and float in the bliss of sweetness. You may dine in one of Kerala’s best restaurants and sample these delectable dishes. 

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