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How to Save Outlook Calendar As iCal?

“Hi, I am John, I have been a MS Outlook user for a long time. And, for a change, I decided to opt for Windows Mail and have started using the same on the days back. Therefore, there are some important events from my outlook calendar, which I need to export into Window mail. So as ical file format supports Apple Mail, I am not sure with this process to save Outlook Calendar to iCal format. Could someone guide me to some reliable solution to export a calendar from Outlook to iCal? Thanks in advance.”

As we are aware about the user query. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the same as how to save Outlook calendar as ical? There are a number of users searching for the best technique to sync Outlook Calendars to ical format. If you are also one of those who are looking for a method to save Outlook to ICS format, then go with the below post and get an instant solution. Here, we explained a complete solution to export Outlook calendar to iCal format.

MS Outlook is a personal information manager that, along with exchanging email messages, allows users to store and manage the contacts, notes, tasks, journal, calendars, and more. All these data are stored in a single file with the extension .pst. Sometimes, users want to save their calendar from Outlook to ICS format. Therefore, we will focus on both the manual and automated solution to effortlessly perform the conversion process. Let us start the blog, for more information.

Manual Method to Export Outlook Calendar As iCal

Use the manual method to save Outlook calendar as ical. However, to expert a calendar from Outlook to ICS, one needs to invest sufficient time and should be tech-savvy. This is because if any steps are missed during the process, then you will end up with situations like data loss issues, corruption and so on. So make sure to follow the below steps excerpt:-

  • Download the Outlook application and hit the Calendar button in the navigation panel.
  • Now, select the calendar, which you want to convert into iCalendar format.
  • Then, go to the File menu that is available at the top corner and select the Save As option.
  • After that, you need to browse a desired location to save the converted iCalendar(.ics) file.
  • It provides the name for the file and makes sure that iCalendar format is selected from the Save As type list and clicks on the Save button.
  • Outlook calendar is converted to iCal format, all you need to do is import the converted iCal file to Apple calendar.

By using the manual method users face a lot of issues to do the conversion process of Outlook calendar as ical. But don’t worry, we have suggested an automated solution for the same problem. Which is below mentioned in step by step:-

How to Save Calendar from PST to iCal File? Using Automated Solution

After executing the manual solution to export Outlook calendar to ical, you will realize that the steps are a bit complex. In addition to that, a user must be technically skilled in exporting the destination calendar from Outlook to iCalendar file format. However, we have come up with a perfect and easy software. Use Export Outlook PST File software by using this utility, one can instantly save the Outlook calendar from the PST to ICS format. It is designed with a simplified interface that makes it easy for a user to perform this task. This tool also provides advanced features that makes the conversion process simple and quick with steps.

Working Steps Explained By Using Software

Follow the below mentioned steps to save multiple Outlook calendar as a ical without facing trouble:-

  1. Launch and run the software on your Windows machine and Add a PST file having contacts.
  2. Now, select the folder and then choose the ICS from the “Saving Option”.
  3. After that, click on the Advanced Settings button for the filters and additional options.
  4. Finally, Choose your desired location where you want to save your exported ICS file and click on the Export button.

So, after completing the automated solution we get the reliable solution in very simple and fast steps without any error.


In this scenario, we have explained how to save Outlook calendar as iCal file format without facing any hassle. So, to make your conversion process easy and simple. In the above article, we have discussed two methods which are manual and automated methods through which users can easily and quickly complete their task. But, the expert recommended an automated solution to export Outlook calendar as ical in bulk. Read the above article, and Choice as per your requirement.

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