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Top Cell Phone Surveillance Apps For Your Child’s Safety

A child’s nature remains the same, regardless of the era they live in: gullible and childlike, trusting everyone, believing in human compassion within. Despite technological advancement, children today are no different than children during our parent’s age. However, what has changed is the nature and the severity of the crime today. While we cannot lock our children inside glasshouses to protect their innocence from the hideous beasts that are roaming outside. Nor can we give them complete freedom for their good. However, what we can do is give them an extra layer of protection without suffocating them of their basic rights for freedom while nurturing them with care and attention.

Ensure Your Children’s Safety Via A Fast And Secure Internet Service

This caution must also be exercised in the digital sphere where security is still a matter of uncertainty and hesitation. That’s why parents need to remain updated with the latest digital tools and software(s). however, it’s not possible if they have a glitchy service, to begin with.

Although, some mobile apps do require to be constantly connected to the internet, however, some do not. Nevertheless, if you wish to remain constantly connected, then choose an internet service provider such as Grande Internet, which is a premium internet service that offers great monthly packages at highly reasonable rates.

The internet speeds offered in various bundles are beyond amazing, followed by uninterrupted Wi-Fi coverage at decent rates. In addition to this, if you ever get stuck with your device issues, then the customer representatives are always ready to facilitate the customer and provide amazing technical support! Hence, if you plan on installing a surveillance app in your child’s safety, then a steady internet connection that has good bandwidth is highly needed. Install one of these cell phone surveillance apps on your child’s android device and your iPhone to keep a strong check on your child during the holiday season.

The Top Cell Phone Surveillance Apps That Can Ensure Your Child’s Safety


MMGuardian is a fantastic mobile app that takes parental control to the next level. It allows the parent to have complete control over a child’s digital activity, along with his non-digital activity, such as text messages, contacts lists, and mobile apps. To ensure that this app functions perfectly, it is recommended that the app should be downloaded in the target device, that is the child’s phone and in the parent’s smartphone, simultaneously. Once the app is downloaded, you can enable all features for optimum control. This app will help you monitor your child’s activity and even allow you t set limits to his phone usage.

Google Family Link

Google Family Link is similar to MMGuardian and functions in a similar manner. When you want to keep track of your child’s internet usage as well as their location, use Google Family Link to protect your child. Like most phone surveillance apps, you have to download the parent version of the app on your phone and the child version of the app on your kid’s. Once the app is installed in the target phone and the parent phone, you can easily your child’s online activity in an easy-to-read chart, that will show you exactly where each app has recently been used and how much time is spent on the apps. You will even get notifications when your child wants to download a new app. Though you will only receive the notification that permits the parent to allow the download.


Kidslox is a cellphone surveillance system that can easily be installed on both your iPhone and Android phones. It has desktop-compatible versions available as well, which you can easily install on your child’s laptop to keep a check on their online activity. This surveillance system efficiently blocks spam and inappropriate websites and apps while allowing the parent to lock specific apps that they don’t want their child to use. Besides this, parents can also set a timer that will limit screen time for their child and the app has a built-in location tracking option that allows the parent to view their child’s location for an entire week.

Final thoughts…

Parents of today are well aware of the necessity and the urgency behind young children carrying cellphones. Yet they must learn to strike a balance between their offline hours and online hours. Although the smartphone has become essential for children today, this can be viewed as a breach of private space, especially if your child has been independent for a long time.

On a side note, parents today need to learn to trust their child’s judgment. Installing such surveillance apps will indeed give you the much-needed peace of mind but you must let your child take independent decisions and navigate the world, with all its idiosyncrasies on his/her own.

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