The Most Common Car AC Issues (And How to Solve Them!)

Depending on the months and locations, certain places require the car AC to stay turned on 24/7. The regions with a warmer environment can be extremely tricky as the afternoons are hot, requiring the blast of cool air from the car air conditioner. If your car’s air conditioner stops working in such places, it may appear as the world’s end to you. Let’s discuss about the common car ac issues.

This problem may rarely occur for the people who get timely car maintenance, but this can be big trouble for those delaying their car AC repair for a long time.

Our industry experience states that people in warmer temperatures must opt for timely AC checkups and car AC repairs. We know that numerous of you reading this must be thinking, why pay when you can perform AC diagnostics by yourself watching a YouTube video.
Let us break it you, YouTube is a good source of gathering information, but certain things must not be performed watching DIY videos; they can be dangerous and unreliable.

It is okay not to perform AC diagnostics by yourself- most people out there don’t know how to do it; after all, technicians are available for a reason.

There can be numerous reasons for your car’s AC acting non-functional. Today, this blog will guide you with some of the most common car issues and what’s the right way of AC diagnostics and resolving all the problems!

What are the most common car AC issues?


The car AC goes from cold to hot

Once in life, you may have come across a car where the air conditioner would throw out hot wind rather than cold air. You know this is not cool, right? There’s something wrong with that car air conditioner.

The reason behind this unusual behaviour of the car air conditioner is that the expansion valve (whose role is to dispense the correct amount of refrigerant to the evaporator) has failed.

For your better understanding, a blocked expansion valve can cause a hindrance for the refrigerant to reach the evaporator. If moisture is present, it can further cause the valve to freeze.

Solution – You have nothing to stress when this problem occurs with your car AC. If you have little knowledge about vehicles, you can do it yourself. Or else, you can go for an AC checkup, and they will adequately test the system’s pressure and inspect components for blockages or malfunctions.

Unusual water leakage

By now, you must have observed a car that showcases water on the floorboards; if yes, we have an explanation for you. At times, unwanted bacteria start spreading in the air conditioner’s evaporator coil in the A/C heater box, located under your car’s dashboard.

With the help of air, this bacteria further mixes with condensation from the coils and leads to a slimy film on the A/C fins. All this act further creates a stale smell and clogs the drain line (a rubber hose that begins in the evaporator heater box goes through the floor and to the undercarriage to remove excess moisture.)

After all this, water from the condensation fills the heater box and starts dripping out.

Solution – The moment you get to witness the floor of your car damp, don’t think twice and get your car to an automotive centre for immediate repair. They will first help you unearth what has caused the drain line to get clogged and replace the hose.

The right technician will even guide you to avoid certain things, so such a clog doesn’t happen again in the future.

Noises emanating from the car AC

The car AC is typically quiet when being used. Whenever you switch on your cooling and hear shaking, banging, or other strange sounds, it’s ordinary to have an apprehensive outlook on the thing that is causing the issue.

Whenever your vehicle makes a noise that wasn’t there before, you must understand that it is a sign of a problematic situation. This noise can effortlessly signify that a significant part is in disappointment.

It may be different from when leaves or street trash hinder the unit and deliver a wide range of surprising noises.
The car AC will deliver a crushing or screeching sound if a direction is exhausted, and you could also witness a shaking sound, which will demonstrate the blower’s grasp has fizzled.

Solution – So, firstly, if you continue to use your car AC while it makes these noises, things may get even worse for you. You must immediately take your car to a reliable technician, and they will efficiently determine if a significant component is in failure and needs to get replaced.

A stale AC smell

If you start your car AC and the noxious smell of mildew hits your nostrils, take it as a sign. It is a sign that bacteria are growing in the car system, requiring immediate AC checkup.

The AC smell is something you will catch immediately as soon as you sit in your car. It mostly happens with the car air conditioner that is old. As we have mentioned above, all the bacteria, mould, fungi, and other micro-organisms get developed behind the evaporator dashboard.

Such bacteria lead to a stale smell, and you must take your car for an urgent car AC repair!

Solution – The car air channels can gather soil, water, dust, and different poisons and, after some time.

Supplanting your air channel and taking it for rapid AC diagnostics will combat this issue. A professional will add an enemy of bacterial arrangement into the evaporator region to eliminate different toxins from the framework.

The air coming out of the AC is not cool

Refrigerant hole bring this issue frequently. Your AC’s parts depend vigorously on the refrigerant to cool the vehicle. Without adequate refrigerant, the other cooling parts will not work.

However, a hole can happen because of an opening in an association, hoses, blower, condenser, or a cracked evaporator. Dissimilar to an oil release, tragically, refrigerant holes are hard to recognise.

Solution – A specialist car professional will add a fluorescent hole tracer colour and refrigerant to the framework. They will recognise the break to start fixes and perform departure and re-energise to blow cold air.

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