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Digital Marketing: Why It Is Important to Stay Ahead of the Curve

It is more crucial than ever for marketers to keep up with the newest developments in digital marketing since the field develops and changes daily. They need to comprehend how these cutting-edge techniques and approaches can help their company if they want to succeed. The use of the metaverse, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), zero and first-party data, social commerce, Livestream commerce, and gender neutrality are some of the newest developments.

Businesses need to keep up with the newest developments in digital marketing more than ever as the consumer market shifts to the digital realm. In 2020, the internet environment will continue to change and adapt. The way brands and customers interact has changed as a result of a number of new digital marketing trends in this year. To keep one step ahead of the competition, your company should be utilising these trends. 

What is Digital Marketing?

The process of marketing goods or services through the use of digital technologies is known as “digital marketing.” It encompasses a variety of activities, including content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and email marketing. 

Because it reaches and engages clients through digital channels including the internet, mobile devices, and social media, digital marketing is distinct from traditional marketing. This makes it possible for businesses to reach more customers affordably.

The development of digital marketing over time 

Digital marketing has a long history that begins with the development of the internet. Businesses started using email marketing to reach clients in the late 1990s and early 2000s. People who have joined their mailing lists would receive emails from them with advertisements or promotions in them. 

The popularity of social media was growing by the middle of the 2000s. Platforms like Myspace and Facebook were first used by businesses to engage with prospective clients. The original iPhone, which Apple debuted in 2007, completely changed how people use the internet. New marketing approaches, such app marketing and mobile marketing, were created as a result.

Google introduced AdWords, its first online advertising platform, in 2009. As a result, companies could now display advertisements on Google’s search engine results pages. This revolutionised marketing by giving companies a fresh channel to connect with potential clients. 

Since then, digital marketing has kept developing. New platforms, technologies, and marketing techniques have all been created.

Recent Trends in Digital Marketing 

Utilising the Metaverse, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), zero and first-party data, social commerce, Livestream commerce, and gender neutrality are recent developments in digital marketing. 

A virtual environment called the Metaverse enables online communication and collaboration. It is comparable to the internet but has a 3D setting. Companies are embracing the Metaverse to build virtual experiences, shops, and events.

Digital assets known as NFTs can be purchased, sold, or exchanged on a blockchain. They are frequently used to signify ownership of digital works of art, music, and gaming. The use of NFTs for the collection and exchange of digital assets is growing.

Data about customers that is gathered by companies is known as zero and first-party data. This information can be utilised to enhance marketing initiatives and more precisely target advertisements. Zero-party data is information that a client voluntarily and knowingly gives to a business. This can be obtained from quizzes, website activity, client profiles, and subscription data. First-party data, on the other hand, is information that the business owns and collects directly from its clients. Demographics, past purchases, internet activity, email interaction, sales interactions, support calls, customer feedback programmes, interests, and behaviours are a few examples of this. 

Social media networks are using for social commerce, a type of online shopping. Direct sales of goods and services by companies are making possible on websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Live video feeds are using for livestream commerce, a form of online shopping. Real-time direct sales of goods and services to customers are making possible by this. 

Businesses are now making products and marketing efforts that are “gender neutral,” or not specifically aimed at one gender. Using inclusive language and depictions of many genders are part of this. The world of digital marketing is always changing. To succeed, marketers must be abreast of the most recent trends and developments. 

The methods used by firms to reach and interact with clients also change as digital marketing does. The companies that can stay ahead of the curve and adopt the newest trends are the most successful.

Discover the top 5 trends for 2020 by reading on.

The Transition to Micro-Influencers 

It is not particularly novel to employ social media influencers to promote goods and raise brand awareness. But the trend toward micro-influencers is real. Micro-influencers are influencers who have 1,000 to 100,000 followers, which is a far smaller number than those of the more well-known influencers. The problem is that influencers who have significant followings are starting to demand more money. 

Micro-influencers are making a name for themselves in digital marketing by being more affordable and providing more specialised audiences. According to studies, they even engage with their followers at a rate that is 60% higher than that of traditional influencers.

Service by Social Media 

The days when businesses had to worry about which link they provide in their Instagram bio are long gone. Platform improvements now enable businesses to directly market their services through social media apps. Facebook and Instagram both have online storefronts for company pages, enabling companies to publish promotional product photographs that customers may purchase through. 

Greater conversions result from fewer steps. Additionally, companies have begun to offer customer assistance through their social network DMs. If you don’t provide prompt responses in this manner, your leads will move on.

The Increase in Chatbot Use 

AI technology is still developing in ground-breaking ways. The expanding use of AI-powered chatbots in digital marketing is one of the newest trends. Chatbots are able to deliver first-rate customer support as they become more adept at interpreting sentiment and learning business systems. Therefore, including chatbots into your digital marketing plan implies spending less on labour costs. 

Customers appreciate getting prompt responses throughout the day. Even texting chatbots is more popular than phoning them.

Video is king, so stop waiting. 

The significance of video cannot be overlook in a list of new digital marketing trends for 2020. Although it has been a long ascent, video content is now seen as crucial to effective growth marketing. It engages the spectator more and is more engaging and enjoyable. According to studies, 70% of consumers have at some point shared a marketing video. TikTok’s dominance is understandable.

Facebook, goodbye? 

Facebook’s collapse is one of the more unexpected new developments in digital marketing. For years, younger generations have been progressively moving away from the platform in favour of others that are more visually appealing, like Instagram and TikTok. Currently, older citizens make up 41% of Facebook users. This indicates that Facebook is no longer a good place to be unless your target market is 65 or over.

Follow the Latest Digital Marketing Trends 

The success of any organisation depends on staying current with emerging trends in digital marketing. Stay in the mediaeval era, and you will be forgotten. There are five internet marketing trends that will rule the market in 2020. When creating your marketing plans, we advise that you take them into account. 

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