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Things to know before considering white kitchen marble countertops

The Taj Mahal and the Parthenon are two examples of marble’s long-lasting beauty. Other than hotels and restaurants, marble countertops and tablestops can now be found all over the place.

Because of their beauty and aesthetic appeal, bars and ice cream parlours are considered them. Various designs and styles are available, so you’re sure to find something you like.

If you’re having trouble narrowing down your options, keep these things in mind before making any final decisions.

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  • What you need to know about white marble
  • In what context do you think they’d be useful?
  • Routine matters
  • White Marble countertops require regular upkeep
  • A Look at the most popular myths and facts

What you need to know about white marble

Choosing white marble requires an understanding of the various types of white marble. White marble, you might think, or maybe you believe, is a type of marble that is used as a countertop material because of its white colour.

However, white marble comes in two varieties. Carrara and Calacatta are two different types of marble.

  • There is a soft and linear veining on Carrara Marble’s surface.
  • They are more affordable and come in a wide variety of sizes and colours.
  • There are dramatic heavy veins in Calacatta marble. They’re not exactly easy to come by. In addition, they cost a lot more than Carrara.
  • Sealing is a necessity for a high-quality finish on both of these natural stones. In order to achieve an eye-catching sheen, they should be polished. They become ideal for use in the kitchen marble countertops after proper sealing makes them resistant to stains, scratches, and moisture.

In what context do you think they’d be useful?

White Marble is prized for its rarity as well as its enduring quality. If you’re looking for a long-term investment, white marble is an excellent choice. Kitchen and bathroom countertops, shower and bathtub walls, backsplashes in the kitchen marble countertops as well as bathroom floors can all be made from white marble if you so desire.

Routine matters

Installing white kitchen marble countertops does not absolve you of your responsibilities as a homeowner. In order for white counters to give your kitchen an air of sophistication, you must maintain them on an ongoing basis.

When it comes to kitchen counters, white is a good option if you’re able to maintain them and clean up after yourself. On the other hand, if you’re too busy to clean them on a regular basis, you’ve come to the right place.

Because if you don’t clean up their spills daily, acidic items like wine, marinara sauce, lemons, and blueberries juice can leave stains that are impossible to remove. Damage to your tops will be unintentionally caused by this habit. Invest in accordance with your daily routine by becoming aware that your way of life matters.

Preventing staining on your white marble countertops

In addition to using a mild detergent to clean your marble top, you should seal it properly and use marble countertop cleaners that are readily available on the market. In order for the sealer to protect your marble, you must first apply it. 

Extra time to wipe up acidic materials before they damage the top is given. This is helpful. Spray cleaners designed for natural stones can be used to remove any blemishes from the surface.

A look at some of the most common myths and facts about today’s society

While some people believe that white marble-like marble isn’t ideal for the kitchen because it’s prone to staining and gets etched when it comes into contact with the kitchen surface, it’s also true that the high-sealed, more intricate marble is stain-resistant if it’s properly maintained. In the event of a fall, the counter’s insurance policy is sealing.

Another myth is that they’re out of money, but the fact is that they’re mining from a wide variety of locations around the world thanks to modern production techniques. Because they’re quarrying so much, they now come in a variety of price points. In some cases, they can be pricey. A common myth is that natural stone, including marble, emits radioactive radon, which is harmful to human health. Radon is linked to lung cancer. There is a problem with the way this idea has been presented.


There are both advantages and disadvantages to white kitchen marble countertops. And just like with most things, there are solutions for dealing with any downsides. As a long-term investment, white marble countertops are an excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms. A white marble countertop can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room if it is properly cared for.

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