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10 Best Places To Visit In Nepal

Known for the Mount Everest “Goddess of the Sky” and 8 of the world’s tallest mountains, Nepal is a paradise on Earth. And even though you haven’t heard much of it as a travel destination, this lesser known wonder of the world is so majestic, that after spending only a few days, you will never want to leave. Needless to say, the breathtaking views and natural surroundings had me mesmerized. After a trip to Nepal, and of course I didn’t leave on will, I felt a deeper connection with nature and my own self. Here is a list of reasons why Nepal ranks No. 1 on my list of lesser known must visit places!

10 Reasons Why Nepal is a Lesser Known Wonder of the World.

Everest Base Camp

It might not be feasible for you to make it to the top of the majestic Mt. Everest, but climbing to the Base camp will in itself be an exhilarating experience. And no it wasn’t a cake walk either! This 16 day EBC trek will take you through dense rhododendron forests, to the Sherpa Land of Namche, and the beautiful Phortse Gaon where magical glimpses of Everest can be seen. Oh just imagine living there! This trek too, requires very strenuous training and high fitness.


Pokhara is located 80 miles towards west of Kathmandu. And is one of my absolute favorite places in Nepal! A peace traveler’s paradise. Built around the beautiful Phewa Tal, which is Nepal’s largest lake, Pokhara will transport you to your own heaven. There’s no chance you want to miss the opportunity to paddle a boat in the middle of the lake. Its emerald colored waters reflect the Machhapuchhare Mountain and the Annapurna Range. And were a delight to look at!

Gokyo Lakes

If the Base Camp trek sounds too hard for you, the Gokyo Lakes is a great alternative! The trek is slower, more gradual and takes you right through the Sherpa heartland. The breathtaking scenery made my hike very much worth it! And this will remain one of the most spectacular trekking experiences I’ve ever taken. Imagine calm turquoise waters and the majestic Mount Everest for background? Bet there’s no better setting for a cup of hot chai!


What I love about Buddhist temples is their positivity and aura! And that they always manage to bring a deep sense of balance and harmony in me. This is only one of the reasons why you wouldn’t want to skip Swayambhunath for anything! Also known as the “Monkey Temple”, this Unesco World Heritage Site will be a very memorable part of your trip. Located on a hill, its roof top offers stunning birds eye views of Kathmandu.

Chitwan Safari

Located at the foot of the Himalayas, the Chitwan National Park is the place to go for every wildlife enthusiast. Its diverse ecosystem of mammals, birds, reptiles and water animals of many kinds, makes it another lovely experience in Nepal! The few last populations of the Asian one-horned rhinoceros and some hundred nocturnal Royal Bengal Tigers, caught my attention the most. Just couldn’t stop clicking their pictures! Another exciting part in this journey is the colorful Tharu Culture! Their unique living, traditions, culture and my favorite, the lively Tharu Dance!


About 5 km south of Kathmandu, Patan is one of the 3 Royal cities of the valley, it is also considered one of the popular monuments of Nepal. A destination for all fine art lovers and tourists alike, Patan is full of wood and stone carvings, metal statues, ornate architecture and over 1200 monuments. This is where I picked out all my trip memorabilia from!

White River Rafting Camps at the Himalayas

Nepal offers excellent rafting and canoeing opportunities. Imagine gliding on still white waters, with beautiful scenes all around you, in the care of expert river men! What else can someone want? Blessed with an amazing diversity of rivers, Nepal is a white water enthusiast’s paradise!


The heart of all pilgrimage sites, Lumbini, was where one of the world’s most revered and greatest figures – Buddha was born. Also considered to be one of the holiest cities in the world, Lumbini is a city immersed deeply in spirituality and Buddhism!

Barun Valley

The land of stunning contrasts, where high waterfalls merge into deep valleys, and colorful flowers lie deep beneath snow covered mountains. A trip to Barun Valley will bewitch your hearts and minds for a lifetime!


A perfect combination of ancient architecture and culture, Bhaktapur is a UNESCO recognized world cultural heritage sites. Incredibly, this city is also known as “Living Museum” for its residents. With its richness of fascinating history and Buddhism, Bhaktapur’s uniqueness touched my heart unlike any other place! It’s time you put Nepal back on your list. Because Nepal will capture any true travelers’ heart for a lifetime! And it’s quite a self-discovering journey too. Stunning scenery, majestic mountains, calmly rivers and a very unique culture is Nepal for you.

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