17 Remembrance Messages And Quotes For Funerals Cards

Losing someone you hold dearly in your heart is one of the devastating moments anyone can face in this life. Whether you’re looking for the funeral messages or the right words to bid the deceased farewell, this does not come easy. You may think you’re good with words, but your head can go blank at this time.  

But we got your back, folks; as we understand, this is not an easy process. We have curated some eloquent quotes you can use in a eulogy or inscription. We hope they can provide the bereaved with the comfort and assurance needed at this sad moment. 

1. All Is A Tale

This quote reflects on the quality of life that the bereaved lived. Some people move to the next life while still young, and others when advanced in age. But these talks of treasured moments spent with a loved one while in this world. 

2. Precious Jewel

You were such a precious jewel that glowed and shone. You reflected all the great things in the world. It’s one of the brilliant funeral messages that get inscribed on someone’s graveyard. 

3. The Pain Will Pass

Though the pain is there, this will pass after some time, and the person’s beauty, promoted to glory, will never end. It’s always good to think like this when the grief and the sorrow hits.

4. I am Here For You

Sometimes, these are the best words that can make sense in a grieving moment, especially if you mean them. 

5. It Was The Hardest Thing To Let You Go

Losing someone you love can be cruel. And letting go is even more challenging. But that’s healing when you believe the person is in good hands with the angels. If you lost a partner, a friend, or anyone quite close to you, this is one of the best funeral messages you can use for inscription on their grave. 

6. A Good Friend

We had a great time together, my good friend, and I can’t believe you’re no more. You may be gone to the next life, but I will always hold dear those great moments we had.

7. Remember Me With Smiles

If you use this message at a funeral, there will be no tears unless people cry tears of joy. Wouldn’t it be prudent to honor your loved one’s wishes? Rather than crying, you can smile as someone watches you from a distance. 

8. We Don’t Say Goodbyes

People who say goodbye to someone promoted to glory only love with their eyes. Otherwise, those who love with heart and soul don’t believe in separation. It’s one of the best funeral messages.  

9. No More Pain!

For the believers, you can use several comforting bible quotes. One of my favorites is from Revelation 21:4: The Lord is forever righteous and faithful in all that he does. The Lord is near to those who call on him and whoever calls on him in truth. He fulfills the needs of those who fear him: He listens to their cries and saves them.

10. Heaven’s Opening

It is such a message that makes us smile when mourning our loved ones. Whenever you look up in the sky, and the stars are brightly shining, you can literally feel like your dear one is watching over you. 

11. The Melody Lives On

It’s one of the best comforting funeral messages to the bereaved family as it assures them the spirit of their loved ones will linger on. 

12. Words Are Not Enough

When you’re in a state of mourning, sometimes the words might come from one ear and goes out in the other. While this is common, it’s also good to emphasize that you care for the mourners with these words. 

13. See You On The Other Side

One way to start healing from losing a person to death is also to accept that you’re also headed to the same place. So, this is one of the funeral messages you can write on a sympathy card. 

14. Always Here with Us

Consider this as one of the best comforting messages for the bereaved. It’s good to know they will always feel the presence of that gone too soon. 

15. When Tomorrow Comes

When you reminisce about a person who left this world, remember to feel them in your heart. You may not see them physically, but their spirit is forever with you. 

16. Always With Us

We continue to feel the presence of our loved ones, despite their promotion to glory. 

17. Wishing You Peace

Anyone grieving will appreciate this thoughtful message. Every definitive word that the mourners need to hear. You can send this in a funeral card or recite the words if you can, which should feel authentic.  


It’s extremely traumatic to lose a dear one, and the emotional factor usually takes precedence. At this moment in time, life becomes meaningless, and you might not even find the essence of life. But some kind words can always positively impact the mourners, making them feel better. These are some of the best encouraging and inspiring  that can help to uplift a bereaved family. Even if you can’t be there for them, sending a card with such a message is ideal. 

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