Significance of Account Receivables Plan for Debt Collection

As an entrepreneur, you’ll come across a range of challenges. For businesses that are growing, A/R can be a burden. Moreover, you already have to deal with marketing, sales, HR, strategic planning, budgeting, accounting, and more on your own. The most significant challenge here is to recover past-due accounts from a non-paying consumer.

In order to increase your business cash flow, here’s what debt collection agency recommend. Make sure you stick till the end to know more about A/R plans.

Build a payment schedule

You have a billing and collections policy. When it’s not implemented and automated, you must now focus on it. With the help of the billing software, you can now create instant reminders significantly if payments get delayed.

You must establish a schedule and procedure to follow up. Moreover, this must be an automated part of running a business.

Work on policies

Sometimes it may take a few changes to boost your business revenue. The best option here is to keep the invoice on the top of the mind for the consumers. For instance, when collecting consumer information, it’s best to avail permission to call, email, or text a cell phone.

Besides, you may require a deposit before they get the service. When the bills go beyond the 30 days, it’s worth forwarding payment reminders more often.


Debt recovery services will follow up with a phone call or email. First, verify that the service gets completed. Also, enquire if the customer has any questions or feedback and finally finish the call by letting the customer know their final amount due.

It isn’t uncommon for unhappy and dissatisfied clients to ignore the bill or postpone payment. The best way to head this off is when you go for early contact. Your consumer will voice their concerns, and you’ll be able to resolve all the matters and avoid non-payment.


The secret behind a debt collection agency’s success is when rewarding customers who pay early. For instance, you can offer a ten percent discount for a payment or a five percent discount if the payment is received in 10 days. The debt recovery agency incentivizes clients on early clearance of bills. This helps you build a strong relationship in the long run.

Emphasize overdue accounts

If the due date passes and still there’s no sign of payment, now is the right time to focus on your debt clearance. Now, this is where most businesses get shy out of fear of annoying the consumer. Waiting simply diminishes the chance of recovering the revenue.

It’s best to be proactive and step up attempts in order to connect before the next billing cycle. A professional debt collection agency will always initiate the process in a courteous mail. However, if it’s outperforming, you must increase contact frequency to at least once a week.

Partner with experts

Most people think that only large companies can afford to work with a collection agency. However, this is absolutely false. Moreover, you can get help from debt recovery services with a debt of any amount. Remember, don’t take collection partners as an extension of the business office; moreover, consider them as your partner who’s proactively working with the consumers to recover the revenue.

Final Wrap

Collecting debt is an integral part of your business. However, you need to preserve your customer base through friendly interactions. Get connected with the experts today for a seamless collection process. A debt recovery agency will strategize the approach and enhance your collection rate. If you’re ready to get help from the experts, contact us today!

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