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Facial Hair Transplants: What To Expect, Cost, And More

Covering your facial skin with hair is not a simple task. It needs you to avoid razors for months to complete nature’s course of action. However, you are a lucky man to have good facial hair growth. But, there are many who are not able to grow dense, thick, and strong beards on faces. The reasons may be genetics, surgeries, and hormonal imbalances. But, the solution is available in the form of beard transplants. However, facial hair transplant cost is a significant factor to consider in this service. It might be somewhat confusing to make an informed decision. But, a beard transplant could provide natural-looking and great results.

How does beard transplant work?

It works like the regular hair transplant that is used to grow hairs on the head. A facial hair transplant will focus on your jawline and wherever you want hairs to grow. However, the procedure might seem straightforward. But, it does have a procedure to follow. There are mainly two proven approaches to beard transplant. One is Follicular Unit Extraction, and another is Follicular Unit Transplantation.

FUE is a recommended approach for hair transplantation as it is less invasive. It requires individual follicles extraction from the donor area to be implanted on the bald facial sites.

FUT requires an incision to remove a small strip of tissue from the back of the head. Then this strip is used to remove the follicles for implantation.

However, both procedures are good to produce natural results. But the choice among those might depend on several factors.

What to expect from a facial hair transplant?

Attractive looks

Having your face covered with hair would make you look attractive and handsome. Apart from this, it will also offer you other benefits. You can prevent your facial skin from the sun as a beard can stop UV rays from entering the skin. It could even hide your neck flab and can give you a masculine look.

Less painful treatment

When it comes to achieving natural growth of beard without much pain, the FUE technique is beneficial. It requires less incision and is done by using a punching device. It will also not leave you in pain after the procedure.

Permanent solution

You can have this treatment for attaining permanent results, which is an advantage. This procedure is perfect for men’s having less growth of facial hair or suffering from trauma.

It is not cheap

Bear in mind facial hair transplant cost is high, so you have to consider your budget. It could cost you up to 15000 dollars on average. However, the cost will depend on the number of grafts required. You can also consider partial transplantation of a beard where it is not grown properly. This could cost between 3000 to 6000 dollars as well. It could become more expensive when you also have to get brow hairs transplantation along with the beard.

Minimal side effects

You do not need to panic before a beard transplant by worrying about its side effects. It is a safe treatment when you choose a professional hair surgeon. You might experience mild side effects of swelling and redness that will fade away after a few days. Otherwise, there is no downside to beard transplant overall.

Natural growth

After recovering from the treatment, you will experience the natural growth of facial hairs. You can style and trim your beard as you want without having any trouble. In a period of 8 to 9 months, you will have fuller growth of beard on your face. It will bring back your confidence and happiness.

Are you a good candidate for a facial hair transplant?

You probably want to know whether you are a good candidate for a beard transplant, right? However, this approach is natural as every individual will tend to ensure his prospects of growing facial hair properly. The follicles will be extracted from the back of your head. So, if you have enough grafts on the backside of your head, then you are a good candidate for a beard transplant. Backside hairs are less likely to fall even with the conditions like genetic hair loss. So, your surgeon might assess the growth of hairs at the back and can consider FUE or FUT for beard transplant.

Aftercare Instructions

Post-care is essential after getting the job done for a beard transplant. It is necessary to prevent possible complications. So, your hair surgeon will advise you not to:

  • Swim for several days after transplant
  • Expose to sunlight for longer
  • Smoke or drink alcohol
  • Scrub your face rigorously
  • Wash your face for a few days after the treatment.

Avoiding these post-care instructions could lead to irritation, infection, or swelling. So, you must adhere to them strictly.

To Sum Up

A Beard transplant is an intuitive way to fill bald areas with natural hair growth. It has great benefits that are mentioned earlier in the post. But, you must consider the facial hair transplant cost prior to getting the treatment. It is good to consult a professional surgeon to know your prospects and discuss the cost. You can get natural, fuller, and thicker growth of hairs with this technique.  

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