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New York to Bogota Flights are the ideal ones to book for this fall

Are you someone who wants to fly from New York to another location for a change? Have you ever thought of researching Bogota? You will be amazed to explore the place as it has many exciting things to see and do. You will receive numerous discounted deals for Bogota on the internet that runs continuously. American, Delta, Alaska, Frontier, Jetblue, Spirit, and United Airlines are the top airlines to fly between this route. The aircraft type that travels between New York and Bogota the most frequently is the Airbus A319. Well, the first flight takes off from New York at 12:25 am and arrives in Bogota at 5:10 am, while the last flight takes off from New York at 6:25 pm and arrives in Bogota at 11:10 pm. Now, let’s quickly check out in-depth information about what it is like flying to Bogota. bahigo

Everything about Bogota:

Bogota, Columbia’s capital and biggest city, is popular for its energy and excitement, which are deeply ingrained in its upscale neighborhoods. At a tremendous elevation of 2640 meters, nestled above the Andean Peaks, the urbanized capital of Peru is home to nearly eight million people. You may experience the wealth and grandeur of Columbia’s metropolitan center by strolling around La Candelaria, the neighborhood’s cultural hub. This safe city has thousands of fantastic dining options, restaurants, hotels, and wine bars along with gorgeous landmarks and breathtaking surroundings. Every day appears to be a celebration in and of itself, bringing joy and happiness to the entire nation. The city’s wide streets and the constant commotion of its markets, restaurants, and shopping centers make it incredibly alluring.

Attractive Things to do in Bogota:

  1. Explore the Gold Museum

The magnificent gold museum is famous in Colombia as Museo del Oro. A must-see destination for every traveler is the magnificently constructed museum located right in the heart of La Candelaria. The museum’s concentration is on the artisans and the magnificently wrought gold things that they produce, as its name would imply.

  1. Visit Zona Rosa

Zona Rosa is the center of entertainment in the city and is home to the largest shopping malls and a wide variety of opulent restaurants and bars. Due to its high level of poshness, the region also features some of the top accommodations and motels in the world, drawing visitors from all over the globe.

  1. Wander through the botanical gardens

The Botanical Garden of Bogota was established in 1955 and has over 20,000 plants. The emphasis is on local flora, usually, that which is particular to the Andes and other high-alpine regions of the continent. You can get a quick bite to eat while strolling through the gardens and admiring the exotic plants and flowers because there are some food stalls close by.

  1. Take a food tour

The best way to experience the culinary choices in Bogota, a renowned city for foodies, is to embark on a food tour. The Bogota Food Tour will take you through La Macarena, the city’s creative and bohemian district. The three-hour tour includes stops at three different eateries where you can sample local fare and beverages. The pickup and drop-off at your lodging are also included in many tours and packages.

Flying Details:

Firstly, note that to travel by plane from New York to Bogota, you need a valid passport. Next, you will use either New York LaGuardia, Newark, or New York John F. Kennedy International Airport while departing from New York. It’s at Bogota El Dorado, where you will be landing. The direct New York to Bogota flights cover 2491 miles in 5 hours and 54 minutes on average. American Airlines, Avianca, JetBlue, Delta, LATAM Airlines, ANA, Turkish Airlines, TAP AIR PORTUGAL, and United Airlines offer nonstop flights. There are on average 197 flights every week between New York and Bogota which means 28 nonstop flights per day.

Pricing Guide:

The first tip on pricing is that you should think about traveling to Bogota on a Tuesday if your travel dates are open since it has the lowest prices on that day for this route. The most expensive day to fly from New York to Bogota is Wednesday. For the best prices on your return flight, we advise flying on a Wednesday and avoiding Tuesdays. Further, for those who don’t know, with an airline ticket costing, on average, $345 in March, it was a wonderful time to travel from New York to Bogota. However, you may find low airfares (somewhere around $300-$350) for September as well. December, on the contrary, is the month with the most expensive pricing. On flights from New York to Bogota, Spirit Airlines ($267) and JetBlue ($335) had the best round-trip prices. The least expensive one-way travel was offered by Spirit for $111. We suggest that less than $432 would be a reasonable cost for a nonstop flight to Bogota. It costs $345 to fly from New York John F. Kennedy International to Bogota El Dorado, which is also the most common route.

How about flying with Jetblue?

One of the most used airlines for passengers flying from New York to Bogota is JetBlue. Their flights on this itinerary normally cost $348.86 Round Trip. Other airlines that provide flights on this route often charge a fee that is 57% higher. The lowest Round Trip fare discovered for this journey was $149. John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York is the most often used airport for flights to Bogota. El Dorado Airport in Bogota is the most often used airport for flights entering the city. JetBlue flights are 5 percent more popular than those operated by any other airline on that same route.

Making Delta Airlines booking:

Delta is the most popular airline for travelers flying from New York to Bogota because of its reputation for offering outstanding service, being on time, and having reasonable fares. In total, Delta offers 21 daily flights between New York and Bogota. The earliest flight by Delta takes off at 6:00, while the latest flight by Delta leaves at 21:35. Therefore, no matter what time of day you need to fly from New York or what time you need to fly back, Delta has got you covered, just make sure you book 90 days prior. With airfares ranging from $400 to $415, it’s easy to find round-trip Delta airlines tickets that suit your budget. Traveling in August or another slower month as will scheduling a journey with a stopover will typically result in cheaper prices.

Last lines:

To conclude, before you plan to travel, research Bogota very well. Always check for available airfare deals and compare them all. Also, don’t forget to create a low fare calendar to check for the prices on specific dates. Additionally, you may sign up for travel deals and offers from various airlines and travel service providers to book your trip in advance.

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