Why Do You Want This Job: Interview Questions

You can anticipate being asked “Why do you want this job?” during your job interview. Although it can seem like a simple question, even a typical interview question might trip you up if you’re not prepared, so you should prepare your response in advance.

You want to demonstrate in your response that you have done your homework on the business and can back up your suitability for the position.

What the Interviewer Wants to Know

This is somewhat true; the employer must determine whether your career objectives are compatible with the requirements of the company.

The purpose of this inquiry is really to see how much you understand about the business, its goals, and how it operates. To put it simply, it’s just another way of asking, “Why do you want to work here?” The interviewer is interested in learning if you have taken the initiative to research the business and consider what draws you to working there.

How to Answer, “Why Do You Want This Job?”

accordingly. Utilize this moment to “sell” yourself to the company by answering this question. When considering your response, start by concentrating on and listing the employer’s advantages (which you will be aware of if you have done your research on the business):

What chances are there for training and development for someone in your sector of work? Why do potential employees want to work for them over their rivals? How has the employer benefited their field or neighbourhood?

When you have developed a unique response to this query, make sure to speak it aloud several times. It could be beneficial to have a friend or relative pose as the interviewer and ask you the question. In actuality, this is an excellent technique to get ready for various interview questions.

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The Best Examples Of Responses

Not sure how to respond to this crucial query? The best responses to the question “why do you want the job?” from the interviewer are listed below. Make these responses unique to your situation and the position you’re applying for.

The emphasis on sales and marketing, two of my strongest skill sets, is why I desire this position. In my prior position, I increased sales by 15% in a market that was thought to be flat at the time. I am confident that I could contribute my ten years of sales and marketing knowledge to this business and aid in continuing its years of expansion.


I am aware that this business is expanding. You intend to introduce a number of new goods in the upcoming months, according to what I’ve read on your website and in numerous press releases.

I want to be a part of your firm as it expands, and I am confident that my background in product development will be useful to your business as you introduce new items.


For the past six years, I have been a dental hygienist in a paediatric dentistry facility. I have much experience working with children, and I also genuinely enjoy it.

I would be able to continue using my skills with a demographic I love if I could work for your office, which serves kids and young adults. This is the kind of workplace that I would like going to each day.


The work I’ve been doing and finding enjoyable throughout my career fits well with this position. It provides a balance of short- and long-term objectives. I can easily multitask and complete both types of projects because to my organising abilities.


I know I would be great at this retail position at your business, so I want it. therefore I really enjoy interacting with people and helping them. I’ve worked at other stores’ cash registers for two years as well. I frequently shop here, so I’d want to put my abilities to use for a business that I respect and believe in.


For years, I have appreciated this company’s effective tactics and goal. Everywhere you have opened an office, your emphasis on developing a relationship between your business and the local community has been successful. There are some values I really respect.

Tips for Giving the Best Answer

Beforehand, do some research on the business. The answer you give during the interview should demonstrate that you have done your research on the business. Make sure you are familiar with the company and the position’s fundamentals. To gain a sense of the company’s current objectives and ambitions, you might wish to read some recent articles on it. Don’t forget to read the job description again. In this manner, you can specifically address characteristics of the business and the position that appeal to you while responding to the inquiry.

Describe why you are a good fit in detail. Make a list of the job requirements (as outlined in the job description) to prepare your response, and then note which requirements match your qualifications. Highlight a couple of your qualifications for the position in your response, and use effective examples from previous employment.

Be sure to emphasise how you can help. However, what can you offer the company? Mention any qualifications or employment history that distinguish you as a standout applicant for the position. If at all possible, quantify how you can benefit the company. Say, for instance, that you would like to save this company the same amount of money that you saved your prior employer.

Things To Avoid

Avoid citing personal justifications. Do not cite income, hours, or commute as your top reasons for wanting the job, even if they are genuine. Keep in mind that you should concentrate on how you can help the business rather than how the business or your employment can help you.

Don’t go over your resume in great detail. Firstly, the sample answers provided here make reference to the candidates’ experience, but only to show that they have the years of experience specified in the job posting’s “minimum qualifications” section. Secondly, A lengthy employment experience puts too much emphasis on you; instead, you should concentrate on the hiring firm and the value you can provide for them. Mostly, In choosing which parts of your employment history to reveal, be judicious and succinct.

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