What’s the Difference Between The la Liga Leagues And European Soccer Leagues?

In the realm of football, there are several leagues that are administered by registered soccer organizations. However, you would be a diehard fan of soccer. But, when it comes to understanding the difference among various leagues, it might sound confusing. As a layman, you might think that all leagues and championships are similar. But, this is not the case. There is a huge difference among these championships. You can take an example of European soccer leagues and La Liga leagues that are different from each other. But these leagues have a common objective and that is to promote the football sport by organizing events in a year. Let’s look at the difference that might help you to know about these leagues insightfully.

La Liga Leagues

In this post, you will first get insight into La Liga leagues. The foremost thing you need to know is that it belongs to the football leagues system in Spain. The system contains multiple leagues that are bound together. The reserve teams in this system are permitted to participate in the competition by the Spanish Football Federation. Though, the reserved teams are not allowed to compete in the same tier as the senior teams are participating. But, there are unbound teams as well that are permitted to participate in the top Primera division. La Liga leagues fall under the highest level of the Spanish football league system. It is operated by the Liga Nacional de Futbol professional.

The La Liga leagues are founded in the year 1929 that formed a group of 20 teams. In the group of 20 teams, there are three low-performing teams that are relegated to another division that is Segunda division. The 20 teams are included in the Primera Division and the three least performing teams are relegated to Segunda. Similarly, the Spanish football federation promotes the two top-performing teams in the Segunda Division to the Primera division. It is notable that La Liga leagues are only reserved for the team in the Primera division. These teams can participate in the league to win the championship.

Who won the La Liga titles mostly?

It is really surprising to know that the Real Madrid team has won the La Liga title for 32 times. It is a great record established by the team. Barcelona is also a great champion after Real Madrid who won La Liga title for 22 times. It is the most popular European championship across the globe that is associated with UEFA. The teams in Primera division are:

  • Real Madrid
  • FC Barcelona
  • Atletico Madrid
  • Athletic Club
  • Sevilla FC
  • Real Sociedad
  • Villarreal CF
  • Valencia CF
  • Levante UD
  • RCB Espanyol
  • Malaga CF
  • Royo Vallecano
  • Celta de Vigo
  • Elche CF
  • Granada CF
  • Osasuna
  • Real Valladolid
  • Getafe CF
  • UD Aleria
  • Real Betis

These teams can participate in the battle to win the La Liga titles. These leagues have a huge number of fans and as per the reports; the average attendance of fans in these league matches is 30000. Furthermore, La Liga is the 3rd highest played soccer league in the world. It is just behind the English Premier League and Germany’s Bundesliga League.  

European soccer leagues

The Union of European Football Association is successfully conducting the grandest sports event for the widespread soccer fans. The association is organizing football matches since 1980. The European football leagues could significantly benefit the European teams to become the wealthiest soccer teams. In this league, there are currently 12 teams that will participate in the tournaments to win the trophy. Among these 12 football clubs, there are super champion teams that are participating. A few among them are Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus. However, these clubs would not go to play under the regulations of UEFA or FIFA.

In simple terms, you can understand that the European soccer league is a closed competition among 20 teams. The structure of this football league is similar to NBA and NFL that are projected to start in 2022-23. The soccer fans are excited to watch their favorite teams combat each other for attaining the champions’ trophy. As per the official data, the list of these teams is as follows.

  • Manchester United
  • Barcelona
  • Juventus
  • Inter Milan
  • Real Madrid
  • Liverpool
  • AC Milan
  • Arsenal
  • Tottenham Hotspur
  • Atletico Madrid
  • Chelsea
  • Manchester City

The group of these teams comprises of 3 clubs from La Liga that is the Spanish Football Federation. It also includes 3 clubs of Italian La Liga and 6 clubs in England. It is expected that 3 more teams will join these clubs to make it a founding club of 15 teams.

What is the format of European soccer leagues?

When it comes to understanding the format of this league it is quite easier than La Liga. There would be 20 teams in the field among them 15 are permanent teams. The rest 5 will be selected through the domestic competitions. The football club will then be divided into two groups of 10 teams. These teams will play matches in their home location and international locations. The top 3 teams that are performers will move to the quarter-finals among each group.

It is notable that, unlike the La Liga leagues, there is no relegation system in European football leagues. The teams that perform well will go to further competition and the least performer will be out of the league.

However, the European league football clubs can directly impact the revenue generation by UEFA. Hence, these clubs have joined to play for super leagues so it can make an adverse impact on the revenue of champions’ leagues. Without the teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona, the La Liga Leagues would also experience a fiscal clash. But, it is pretty sure that the soccer fans would be going to enjoy the great competition among the teams like Arsenal and Chelsea. There would also be a competition among Manchester United and Liverpool teams. So, the matches would be exciting to watch.

The Ending Part

Hope you have understood about La Liga and the european soccer leagues well. As a soccer fan, you cannot forget to see the upcoming football tournaments. Be ready to cheer up your favorite team.


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