9 reasons table tennis game is the best game in the world

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I wanted to share some table tennis love to celebrate this year’s National Table Tennis Day.

Table tennis game is the most popular sport globally, and we all know this as table tennis coaches, players, and fans. There are still some people who don’t believe in table tennis.

So, I created a list. A list is a better way to convert people than a long list. Although I could have written a long list to save you from my excessive ramblings, I have kept it to 9.

Here are my 9 reasons that table tennis is my favourite sport.


Anyone can play (and win!)Table tennis is for everyone. You’ll find people of all ages at any club. The best part is that people of different ages can compete.

A 78-year old can beat a 28-year-old. A 10-year old can make a grown-up cry. It’s not about power. It would help if you had good technique, good touch, and good tactics to win.

Young and old players can play equally well against those in peak physical condition.

9 reasons table tennis game is the best game in the world

#1. Money doesn’t matter.

Playing table tennis is easy and inexpensive. A good starter bat can be purchased for between PS20 and PS30.


I would say that table tennis is a “classless sport.” You wouldn’t be able to tell who is rich or poor if you walked into a table tennis room. We all look the same in our baggy shorts, tracksuit bottoms, and sweaty t-shirts.

No matter your background, no one cares about it. In the table tennis hall, table tennis is all that matters.


#2. Table tennis game promotes international peace.

Although I might be exaggerating, table tennis is an international sport. It is a sport that everyone plays.


I have coached players from many countries, including England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Singapore. USA, China. Canada. Australia. Russia. Poland. Russia. Australia. Romania. The Czech Republic. Iran. South Africa.


I have gained a greater understanding of cultures and other countries. I feel warm and connected to my international friends.


Do you want world peace? Get all of our diplomats and politicians a bat, and they will play table tennis together.


#3. Table tennis is flippin’ hard.


Try one of the many sports with big rackets or large courts if you are looking for something simple. Tennis, badminton, and squash are all great options. It’s much harder to miss the ball than it is to get it in court!

Table tennis is more complicated. Table tennis is a more challenging game because we use small balls and bats on a small table. There is very little room for error. You can make a big mistake in your bat angle, contact or placement.


It’s difficult to play table tennis. It’s addictive. It challenges your brain. It can also challenge your body. It takes time to become proficient at the game. Table tennis is the sport you should choose if you are looking for a true sporting challenge.


#4. Table tennis is humbling.


You don’t have to be a pro at table tennis.

Table tennis is not a sport for egos. We all know some stronger players can make us look stupid.


How can we handle this? Respect is a virtue. We support each other. We learn from each other.


We don’t celebrate when we win. There was no handshake, no head nod, and no internal relief. The next time it might not turn out so well!


#5. Table tennis makes you feel like a ninja.

The table is super-fast. Super-fast. The ball can travel at speeds up to 100kph

Other racket sports also have fastballs.


Here’s the difference…

Table tennis is played very close (within 3 meters of each other). This makes it feel much quicker.


You must be able to move quickly, react quickly and think fast. You need to have the coordination and speed of a ninja fighter.


You won’t find anything more satisfying than playing in a fast table tennis rally, where your opponent and you are both hitting amazing topspin shots. The ball is constantly being switched around and you somehow manage to summon all of your ninja strength and finish the point with beautiful forehand topspin.


#6. Table tennis is great for the brain


Evidence is mounting that table tennis can help keep your brain healthy.

We table tennis players secretly know that our brains are sharper than the ones of cave dwellers who were groaning in other racket sports. Science seems to confirm our suspicions.

It is all about stimulating your brain’s hippocampus. This is a concept I am not sure of. I am not a scientist. Scientists are my friends. I trust scientists.


#7. Table tennis is the perfect stress-relief


Stress can make life difficult. It can be stressful at times.

Play table tennis, or to be fairer, any other sport.

Start hitting some balls with your table tennis bat and forget about all your worries for a while.


It’s much more. Exercise releases endorphins, which can trigger a positive state in your body.


You will feel great after your table tennis workout, and you’ll be ready to tackle any problems in life. Thank you for table tennis.


#8. You can play anywhere


Table tennis is on the rise. Everywhere you look, tables appear everywhere. You can find tables in parks. Bars are tables. Tables in shopping centers. Tables at train stations. Tables in conference rooms. Tables in sports centers. There are many tables at table tennis clubs around the world.


You can always find somewhere to play table tennis ( click this link to find a location near you).

You can still improvise even if you don’t have a table nearby. All you need is a wooden surface and something that looks like a net.


This is an example. This is my household. My children and I have an impromptu game called “knock down the plastic cup” at the dining room table. Three books are used as a net.

The boy is five years old and the girl is one.

The plastic cups were battered.


Share your table tennis love.

These are the nine reasons I believe table tennis is the most popular sport globally. What about you? What is it that you love about table tennis? Please share your reasons below.

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National Table Tennis Day

National #TableTennisDay allows table tennis fans to come together and celebrate the sport. The table tennis day will be on Wednesday, July 12, 2022.


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