What Is False Referencing And Why You Should Avoid It?


In research, the main purpose is to finalise if a hypothesis is true or false. The final decision is made based on evidence. Without evidence, you cannot complete research work. It is research that helps in new technology development. Another purpose of research is to increase awareness in society by nourishing the human mind. You can also go for essay, article or report writing. The type of writing differs as per the need of the hour. If you have a researchable question, then research is necessary. Otherwise, you should go for essays or articles. The one common thing in all writing types is that you have to provide support to your claim. This support is in the form of reference. The presence of credible sources works very well in developing trust. You must ensure no false referencing because it will surely harm your credibility. This article aims to discuss false referencing. Let’s get started.

1. What is Referencing and Why it is Important?

Referencing is a way to acknowledge someone’s work. Suppose you are researching where you have to collect information related to your topic. When you read literature and find something relevant, you take it as support. Now you must have to mention from where you have collected tht information. For this, you cite the relevant document, which is called referencing. You can say that it is a way to give credit to the main writer. You can also hire dissertation writing services to write proper references.

It is very important to understand which kind of data is supposed to cite. If you have mentioned a fact of personal thoughts, there is no need to cite it. On the other hand, if you take data from one of the following sources, then it must be cited;

  • Book
  • Research paper
  • Journal
  • Newspaper
  • Documentation
  • Movie
  • Lecture
  • Interview
  • Email
  • Letter
  • Chart
  • Diagram

Referencing is an unelectable part of writing. It is important as it shows that you have properly done your work. In this way, it becomes easy to make your name as a credible writer. Furthermore, referencing is important as it shows your professionalism. Most of the time, the reader likes your piece of writing. The idea you have used can attract a reader and make him curious about its detail. In such a situation, the reader wants to track down the original writer whose idea you have used. Here it is a reference that allows the reader to have access to the original piece of work. Besides, referencing is important as it saves your work from plagiarism. When you use someone’s idea and do not refer, it will be a plagiarism of data. So, referencing saves you from the headache of plagiarism.

2. What is False Referencing?

The improper citation or fake citation is termed false referencing. In any writing, it is considered a very bad practice. Sometimes writers add false referencing because of a lack of information. So, it is very important to read the standard of writing and referencing. In this way, you can end up with an effective piece of writing. Another reason behind false referencing is that some writers do not want to spend time reading lots of data. So, to save their time and effort, they add fake references. This practice is also considered false referencing.

When you cite your data in the body part but do not add a reference in the bibliography, it is also one type of false referencing. The same thing goes in the opposite direction. It means that you forgot to cite data in explaining the body.

There is another way through which the reader can identify if the reference is false or not. In case of false referencing, readers do not get access to the original data. When they open the link provided, a whole new thing comes up. So the absence of similarity in search and written information shows that the reference is inaccurate. This is proof of un-precise and unauthentic data.

3. What can happen if you give a False Reference?

Following are the consequences that you may have to deal with;

  • You may have to face legal action.
  • False referencing can place a question mark on your credibility. Once you lose credibility, it takes a long period to rebuild it. Then it would not be easy to pursue a career in the field of research.
  • If you are a student, the presence of false referencing can leads you to the failure of your dissertation.

4. How to Avoid False Referencing?

If you want to save yourself from the unpleasant consequences of false referencing, you should follow the following tips;

  • First of all, read the standards of accurate referencing. Learn what the techniques are to access credible writers. Also, you have to clear out the difference between accurate and false referencing. That is how there would not be any lack of information.
  • Set a particular period for information collection. In research work, you have plenty of time. What you have to do is make a schedule. In this schedule, assign an appropriate time for each task. For proper citation, you have to take care of a two-time slot. The one is when you collect data and spend sufficient time in data collection from credible resources. The second time slot is for citation and referencing. During this time, you have to cite all data and generate a list of references.
  • Once you are done with your research, double-check if the data is cited and have a reference in the bibliography.

Final Thoughts

There is no relaxation for false referencing in any writing. So you must take care that all the information is cited and referenced with accurate data. Tips, as mentioned above, are simple that can save lots of your efforts. A little extra time can save you from having a question about your valuable work.

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