Everything You Should Know About Tsdz2 Mid Kit Motor

The TSDZ2 conversion kit is different from other kits as the former displays a torque-sensing ability. One cannot find this feature in its contemporaries’ mid-drive kits. So the question is whether this feature makes it worth investing in the Tongsheng TSDZ2 motor kit? Or does it lag behind when it comes to other features like built quality and power? This post will answer some of these burning questions by offering an extensive review of the amazing kit.

Let us refresh some memories about the company Tongsheng.

Since Bafang had sued Tongsheng for patent infringement and won the lawsuit, people can no longer buy the Tongsheng kit from any big and significant e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and AliExpress. Thanks to this event, people can hardly find any seller of the kit on these platforms. To avoid getting listed by the platforms, the sellers don’t even use the official name of the kit anymore.

Now, let us talk about what consists of this tsdz2 mid kit motor.

What is included in the tsdz2 mid kit motor?

For complete conversion, you must have all the parts, except the battery, you need when you are buying this conversion kit. You can buy a battery separately or will have to find a seller that sells a suitable battery too. However, the parts that you will find in all the kits are:

  • TSDZ2 motor unit
  • Display (VLDC5, VLDC6 or XH-18)
  • Chainring (42T default)
  • Crank Arms
  • Speed sensor

Some of the optional parts include:

  • Thumb throttle
  • E-brakes (for cable brakes default)
  • ” 1 to 2 cable”
  • Lockring mounting tool
  • Wiring harness adapter for lighting
  • Bike lights
  • Different power levels

You can avail the Tongsheng TSDZ2 motor at varying power levels. For the voltage is 36V, the options are 250W, 350W, and 500W, while for the voltage of 48V, the options are 500W and 750W.

The controller inside all Tongsheng TSDZ2 is the same except in the way that the manufacturers program them. The manufacturer has programmed each version to draw the correct amount of amps at an ideal voltage to obtain a specific power output. So, if we speak physically, all different power versions resemble each other.

The controllers can even handle 52V batteries; however, you must stick to 36V or 48V if possible, as the former one is yet to receive an official rating at this voltage.

So are you wondering which power level you should choose? Well…that depends on what kind of ebike you want to build. You can go for the maximum amount of power that is considered road legal in your country if you want a street-legal ebike. For example, in the EU, it is 250W. However, if you don’t mind the regulations, you can go for the 48V 750W version. This is the most powerful and versatile option. With this version, you can use a lot of power if need be by opting for a high pedal assist mode. However, in case you don’t need all the power, you can just opt for a low pedal assist mode. You will have the best of both worlds if you choose the latter.

Which display to choose?

You can avail yourself of the three different display options for the Tongsheng TSDZ2 conversion kit. They are VLDC5, VLDC6, and XH-18 displays. So which display do you need to choose comes to one question: Do you need e-brakes? The VLCD5 is your only option if you want e-brakes, as this is the only one that supports e-brakes. However, if you don’t want to use e-brakes, you can freely choose any of the three. Apart from the e-brake functionality, all the options provide the same functionality. So your choice should rely on personal esthetic preference.


Look no further if you are in search of an amazing pedal assist experience that gives you superhuman legs. The Tongsheng TSDZ2 mid-drive motor delivers a truly amazing pedal assist with torque-sensing technology. In addition, the built quality and reliability of the system are all things good. So, this happens to be an amazing system that will not make holes in your pocket and will ensure an amazing conversion.

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