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What are the Functions of Cross linking in SEO

If you’re involved in digital marketing, you must have realized the importance of SEO. SEO can also be a critical technique that can ruin your online reputation. 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of creating brand awareness and making your website visible to search engine crawlers.

There are many SEO techniques. Every day new techniques emerge in the market. This doubles the work of SEO implementation to drive more traffic to your website.

Cross-linking in SEO can be used to implant an effective technique among many others.

Today we’ll be discussing Cross-linking and its functions.

What is Cross-Linking?

Cross-linking refers to the act of linking between websites regardless of their owners. It is web content you have on one page that links to another on your website. This allows access to the page.

It allows users to find other sites with similar content or information on the same topic as their current site.

Cross Linking Functions

It serves many purposes, including the purpose of displaying the page in search engines by using search engine optimization techniques.

  • It makes use of SEO tools to provide reciprocal links as well as inbound links, which can be used for increasing link popularity. Link popularity is a key factor in how search engines decide the importance, value, and relevance of sites on a topic. This is then reflected on the site’s search engine rank page. Cross-linking is essential, especially if both sites are owned by you.
  • Cross-linking improves your SEO strategy. It increases your Link Popularity, Page rank and helps you create more quality backlinks. They are also easy to exchange and can be adjusted according to your SEO strategy. You can leverage multiple domains and get qualified backlinks for sites that are highly valued by search engines. This will increase your chances of getting a higher ranking.

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Things to consider when implanting the cross-linking technique

However, it is important to only create these links if they are of any use to the other site. Doing so for search engine marketing or its sake can result in penalties from search engines.

You should also avoid creating link rings. This can help you improve your SEO and offer more options, information, products, or services to customers or users.

Cross-linking can be costly and could result in penalties from search engines. Cross-linking is best when used in conjunction with other strategies.

The web optimizer should also ensure that inbound links are submitted to link directories and other sources. Cross-linking is important, but more inbound links are better. Beyond that, cross-linking between sites will be more efficient if you have more links.

Keep these in mind when you are creating cross-linking content for your website.


This is a powerful strategy to increase the domain authority of your site and the page authority of specific pages you wish to rank higher in search engines.

Google explicitly recognizes that inbound links are a ranking factor. Cross-linking can be a great strategy to make sure your pages get the attention they deserve. If you decide to try cross-linking or SEO, be sure to follow all the instructions to avoid your domains being penalized by search engines. So to do cross linking for your website in the proper way you need to hire SEO company India which can help you. 

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