What are Nail Polish Boxes?

What are Nail Polish Boxes?

Nail Polish Boxes are just fancy storage boxes for nail polish or containers for your nail polishes where you can show off the colors of your polishes. It’s great to have them around, not only to make it easier to choose a color before starting, but they also provide storage space for all those old bottles that didn’t fit in your draw which you ended up giving away to your friends.


Nail Polish Packaging Boxes come in all shapes and sizes, with the most common ones being square, rectangular, and round. Some people find it much easier to store their polishes in boxes that are already divided into sections by color while others prefer to stack their polishes according to brand, finish, or color. What’s important is that it helps you to be organized and makes you more likely to wear the colors you already have and less likely to buy new ones because you can’t find them in your stash.

Where do they come from?

The concept of custom nail polish boxes, like most other things in life, was thought up by some genius who took inspiration from jewelry boxes. When they first appeared on the market, they were pretty basic and plain but nowadays you can find them in all shapes and colors with people paying attention to every detail that might make them more appealing or fun. The crazy thing about nail polish boxes is that people will buy them without actually using them like they would do with miniatures for example. But once it’s in your stash, you’ll find many uses for it.

Different types of nail polish boxes:

This category is divided into 3 types of boxes

Nail Polish Packing Boxes with compartments for bottles:

These kinds of boxes usually come with a lot of compartments and some even have tiny drawers. They make it easier to be organized and help you to find the color you’re looking for as soon as possible (especially if you had too many of them).

The material they are made from is also important: wood will look better but it’s also more cumbersome to clean; plastic is easier to clean but tends to be less attractive.

Optical boxes:

I personally like the idea of adding some personality to my stash so I tend to go for this kind of boxes which is usually transparent and has a special feature, e.g. stars or moons, holes or flowers on them.

Glamor boxes:

These are special boxes that are really thin and meant to be put on top of your nail polish rack. They are usually designed in a way that allows you to see the color inside of them.

Where to buy Nail Polish Boxes?

The best place to buy nail polish boxes wholesale is TheCustomPackagingHub. Not only do they have a great selection of them but they are also pretty cheap considering the fact that it’s just a fancy box for your polishes. The good thing about them is that the boxes are free of BPAs, which makes them safe to use.

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