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Unable to Open PST File in Outlook – How to Fix Error

Are you looking for a solution for how to open PST files in Outlook? This blog explores the main cause of being unable to open PST files in Outlook.

As we know that Microsoft Outlook has its inbox repair tool (Scanpst.exe) which is designed to repair errors with PST files. The Scanpst.exe is also considered the first-aid kit of PST files. But this inbox repair tool only fixes minor level issues in a PST file. For an effective and permanent solution, you need a more reliable solution. In this write-up, you will get the permanent solution to fix this error easily without any hassle. So, stay tuned till the end.

Why ScanPST.exe Fails to Fix Error

It becomes very difficult to fix the issue of being unable to open the PST file in Outlook for ScanPST.exe. Because this free software repairs the file with a minor level of corruption and only resolves the header section of the PST file. And many times you need a better solution to repair Microsoft PST files without ScanPST.exe.

Following are the reasons that ScanPST fails to fix the error “Unable to open PST file in Outlook”:

  1. PST File Size Limit Exceeds

Users who send and receive emails regularly might have not a lot of storage space, resulting in an oversized PST file. With time, the emails pile up, and PST file size is reached and this will become a reason why Scanpast does not recognize the file.

  1. Outlook Upgrade

Whenever you Upgrade Outlook from the old version to the new version some of the files are not upgraded properly. So, this occurs corruption in older files. So, make sure to upgrade the Outlook version properly. Due to this, there will be several corruption in the PST file. User when try to correct it. They face this error “Scanpst does not recognize the file”.

  1. Shared Network

When a user shares Outlook files through a shared network with someone can cause corruption. If corrupted user might not be able to backup files from Scan.pst.

  1. PST file Severely Damaged

If the PST data file is severely damaged then it will become difficult for Scanpst to repair the damage.

Unable to Open PST File in Outlook – Main Causes

This error is caused by many of the reasons. But the main cause is file corruption. Due to this user’s unable to open PST file in Outlook and the reasons through which this error occurs is mentioned below:

  1. PST file affected with the viruses.
  2. Can’t able to manage large PST files or corrupted files.
  3. Do not create a proper folder while saving files at the time of creation.
  4. Duplicate file receiving from duplicate users.
  5. PST file stored is not available on sever.

Unable to Open PST File in Outlook – Perfect Solution to Fix Error

Known let us know about the perfect solution which can able to repair PST files with a high level of corruption easily. Here is the best Outlook PST Repair Software to repair PST files without using ScanPST.exe. This application is user-friendly and provides 100% data security grantee. This software is also able to recover password-protected PST files without any data loss.

Outlook PST Repair Software – Method to Use

Step 1. First, Download and Run the Software.

unable to open pst file in outlook

Step 2. Second, Add the PST file & Preview Emails with Attachment.

unable to open pst file in outlook

Step 3. Third, Repair the PST file with Damages & Restore the Healthy PST file.

unable to open pst file in outlook

Step 4. Last, Save the Repair PST files in the format that you want.

unable to open pst file in outlook


Anything will be the reason behind being unable to open PST file in Outlook. If you are facing this same problem in your Microsoft Outlook account and want a perfect solution to fix this issue. Then, this blog is the perfect solution for you. Also, find here why the ScanPST.exe fails in fixing PST corruption.

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