Top Three Apps that Every Woman Should Download in 2022

Women have different kinds of requirements than men. Most of the time we wonder if there was an app. That was designed for us and would fulfill our needs. Well, ladies, there is no need to ‘sigh’ and wonder when we are here to help you out. Your every day would be a lot easier. When you download these top three amazing apps that every woman wants and needs.

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Apps to Download

  1. Maya Period Tracking & Health App for Women

Periods are unavoidable in women’s life and there are numerous health issues that women go through in their lifetime. However, when your life gets hectic it’s easier to forget things such as when you are due for the period next month. If you are not keeping a manual health chart, you may forget your last period date. It’s ok if the same thing occurs in your life.

But we finally have a solution to end your misery.

You can download Maya Period Tracking & Health app. It will help in your case massively. Maya will track your period symptoms, mood swings, pregnancy, and other health-related stuff. When you are already prepared for the upcoming situation, it’s becoming easier to tackle all the health issues like a pro. If you would like to live a carefree life download the Maya period tracking mobile phone app or similar app available in our country. Focus on your priorities at the moment, not when your next period is due.

  • BabyGoGo Mom App

For a woman who is thinking about getting pregnant or is already pregnant. Even new moms always have a lot of questions and you cannot always go consult your doctor or someone you are acquainted with. For such time apps like BabyGoGo Mom would prove to be helpful in their case. BabyGoGo Mom app will assist you through pregnancy, will be your parenting guide, will teach you about how to care for your baby, and will answer your baby’s health-related queries.

When you download the BabyGoGo Mom app, it will give you two options to choose whether you are here for parenting advice or pregnancy queries. Once you pick an option you will get all the related stuff to the specific subject. On this app, a team of experts is always there to guide you and answer your questions. Over here you can find well-researched articles supported by scientific evidence making it easier for you to put faith in this app.

Also, the BabyGoGo Mom app will give you advice on how to care for yourself post-pregnancy? What should you eat and the exercise you should do after post-partum and the best skincare routine during and after pregnancy. This mobile app will always make you feel like you have a great support system to help in times of need making parenting and pregnancy easy for women.

  • Urban Company Safe Salon at Home Services App

Most of the time it feels like a task to book an appointment for a haircut or manicure and pedicure. At the salon and later on, make time to visit it at the right time. A lot of women don’t feel safe or are uncomfortable in such an environment and would prefer the comfort and privacy of their home while getting a haircut or getting their nails done.

Especially during COVID-19 when you don’t feel safe in the crowded salon. The urban company brought a simple solution to our problem. You can download the urban app and book their safe salon at-home services. Where they will send a stylist to your home. Who will take all the safety measures and put you at ease and will do everything with the hygienic method. It’s one of the best apps for Indian women if they don’t like visiting salons or parlors for personal reasons.

If you are looking for some best women’s safety apps available in India.  Go check out our article “Top 3 Safety Apps for Women in India 2022”.

Final Verdict:-  It’s good to see that finally, women’s needs are getting acknowledged. Not only that, some of the great app developers brought incredible solutions to our problems. It’s time that we stop sitting and move with the flow. When you can take matters into your hand. Find a solution to your problem by just tapping on these apps.

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