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10 Reasons Why an Android Phone is Better Than an iPhone!

iPhone vs Android: it’s one of the most heated debates in the cell phone world. There are a lot of factors to consider when trying to decide which is better for you. This year, Apple’s iPhone lineup took a leap forward, adding new hardware capabilities such as wireless charging and a high-resolution OLED screen. But Android handsets still offer a far better combination of value and features than Apple’s limited lineup. From being able to use two apps simultaneously to launchers and more customization options, Android smartphone offers numerous features to users.

Here are ten reasons Android beats the iPhone:

Better Value

The biggest advantage of using an Android smartphone is that they are moderately priced. Due to the affordable pricing, there are a lot of Android users around the globe.

Operating System

Gone are the days when Android would become extremely slow. Android 12, the latest operating system (OS) built by Google, has come a very long way since its inception. One of the biggest advantages of the Android operating system is the Google Assistant. The Google Assistant is infinitely better than Apple Siri.


Customization of the Android smartphone is far better and easier than the iPhone. On an Android phone, you can easily download a third-party keyboard app, launcher, etc., and change the phone’s interface, arrange apps, etc., as per your wish and like.

Apps Flexibility

It is hassle-free and straightforward to download the apps directly from Google’s app store to your PC or Android phone. Also, one can easily share apps ot files like apk files directly via WiFi. On the other hand, iPhones need iTunes or App Store to be downloaded first.

Detachable battery

Yet one more strength of Android phones is their removable battery. If any problem arrives, you can easily take out the battery and go to the service centre for repair. While the iPhone doesn’t provide a removable battery. It is not worth keeping your iPhone with the service centre for even a simple battery repair.


New innovative features are pushed out almost every time a major company releases the latest Android phones. From in-screen fingerprint sensors to foldable phones, mobile devices that run Android always seem to have a leg up on the competition.

Expandable Memory

Apple has never offered expandable memory for the iPhone. On the other side majority of Android phones offer expandable memory. That means you can pop open an additional slot on the side of your phone and put in a micro SD card which then becomes added memory to your phone.


A launcher is an app that helps modify the software design and features of your android phone without making any permanent changes. It can be downloaded from Google Play, installed and used as any other app. With a launcher, you can customize almost every aspect of how your phone looks and behaves, making your phone feel unique to you. 


Google made some fairly significant changes to how multitasking is accessed on android. You can split-screen and use two apps simultaneously on your android smartphone. It can help save a lot of time and workload if you utilize it well. 

Headphone Jack

iPhones can’t be connected with standard headphones due to the absence of a headphone jack. This leads to frustration, and you have to spend lots of money buying specific headphones.

All these features make Android smartphones superior to an iPhone. You can buy Tecno Smartphones if you are willing to buy affordable, premium quality phones. Their smartphones are specially designed for GenZ with the best features and amazing camera quality. For more details, you can visit Tecno’s website!

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