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Top 5 Link Building Techniques and Why You Need Them?

We all know that in the digital marketing space, search engine optimization is a continuous process. In this space, you cannot achieve the results you want in one go. Strategic SEO is necessary to make progress over time, which allows one to outperform their competitors. Knowing which organic strategies are best suited for one’s business is half the job of an SEO expert. The other half of their responsibility includes planning a way to boost your business ranking by implementing organic SEO plans whenever and wherever needed. One of these helpful SEO plans is link building, which is considered the most difficult thing to master by yourself.

Before we end up talking about the top link building techniques, it is time to understand the core of the link building concept in the section below. (Information source:

What is link building?

Experts describe link-building as a way to get hyperlinks from various other websites, redirecting traffic to your website. SEO specialists use link building to improve the quality of inbound links to any webpage, which results in a better ranking.

When it comes to link building, people only need to prioritize creating something “link-worthy.” How each business interprets this advice ultimately decides whether they make the most out of it or not. You do not have to come up with a boring and long write-up or a detailed guide if only your service or product is “link-able”. For example, websites that offer free tools receive a lot of clicks due to the tools, not because of the content they publish.

Why do you need it?

Links are worth a lot as they are one of the most important ranking factors utilized by Google and many other search engines as well. Every search engine uses links to discover fresh content and analyze its quality. One can think of links as a testimonial or a vote that shows that the redirecting content is worthwhile and thus provides a healthy link profile.

Useful links are helpful, natural, and also high-quality, which is why before starting link building tasks, one must ensure that links are related to the content, have a good anchor text, and are useful for search engines.

SEO link building is important because:

  • Links are necessary ranking factors.
  • Links determine the quality of web pages.
  • The higher quality of links results in a better rank for a webpage.

Now that we have explained what SEO link building is all about, let’s take a look at some of the top link-building techniques any business can use to rank higher than its competitors.

  1. Guest blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most powerful strategies in the eyes of an SEO expert because everyone loves to feature on a famous website. It started as a useful tool but soon people overused it like all the other SEO practices making it seem like just another spammy technique to get backlinks.

It is about writing an authoritative and good-quality informative post and then publishing it on a well-known blogging site where at least thousands of followers/readers can find it. By leaving an interesting impression on the reader’s mind, you can urge them to check out the original blog on your website. But the best part of successful guest blogging is when you inspire readers to link back to you.

  1. Paid promotion

You can use linkable assets such as online tools including calculators, informative blogs, tutorials on important topics, and interactive infographics for paid promotion. If you know the right audience to share these assets with, then they will link back to you. But how do you find the audience? You can do it with a little help from paid promotion.

Opting for a PPC ad network such as Google AdWords, Facebook ads, or anything else will find a relevant audience. You won’t have to pay a lot in the case of paid promotion to get backlinks from a relevant audience.

  1. Unlinked mentions

Unlinked mentions are exactly what they sound like. When a website, user, or other business mentions yours but does not link it to your website. Although it might seem like losing an opportunity to earn a link, it is actually not. Online unlinked mentions occur more often than you would expect, and it brings you closer to earning a link.

If you ever find an unlinked mention, you could use it to your advantage by reaching out to that person. Its is natural because such a person is already familiar with your business/product/service/. Hopefully, you can also work your way and convince them to convert and get the mentioned link as a result.

  1. Content repurposing

One might think that all of SEO link building tactics are actually based on outreach, but that’s not true. Link-building is also possible by simply publishing/submitting captivating content on the right kinds of websites. Examples of such websites include video-sharing sites, infographic directories, and other places. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the submitted content is in an appropriate format prior publishing. For this, you can apply the concept of repurposing concept to any piece of relevant content.

Repurposing allows you to share a unique content with a wider audience by converting it into a new format. Repurposing increases opportunities for your audience to see to see and interact with the content along with earning a useful link.

  1. Community site link building

For link-building to come out as a useful tactic for businesses, all of the links need to be high-quality. But while it is good to have such links, it is certainly not a necessity for one’s overall growth. A natural backlink profile should not only consist of editorial links from high domain ratings but include other sources too.

Message boards and forums like Reddit and Quora are good to build relevant backlinks and have a diversified backlink profile.


Link-building, much like any other growth tactic, is not rocket science. You can receive professional help to make things easier for yourself and build an impressive backlink profile.

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