Top 10 Video Editing Apps For Android and iPhone

In the world of digital marketing, we need good video editors to promote your business ads or even for your personal use. One should know how to edit videos and practical video editing apps that help you create the best video. You always need an editor to make a video from your Android and iPhone to make your videos eye-catching and creative. 

The best part of these video editing apps we are going to discuss today is that they are free for the user, and on the other hand, they are straightforward to handle, fast, and very professional apps. Anyone can use these apps whether you own a business or you just need to create your videos differently from your Android and iPhone.

Top 10 Video Editing Apps For Android and iPhone

Let’s talk about it. There are some excellent and different apps for editing a video from your handy cell phone in your comfort place. If you are short on time and looking for video editing services then hiring a professional mobile app development company in UK is the best option. However, not everyone can afford expert services especially if you want to do small video editing. Now Android and iPhone make your life simple. You just need to download video editing apps, and there you go. You are almost done because these apps will guide you to step-by-step instructions as well, which everyone can follow and edit their video in the best way.

Editors for Android:

1- Viva video:

Apps are time savers and good options for a person who is not good at editing videos; therefore, viva video is the most awesome app that provides you with a different and large number of highly professional tools and is manageable. So we all know that video editing apps give access to users who are editing from their mobile phones, which are now very easy and fun to use. Great app for Android users as well as iPhone users. We can create and edit our videos from our android and iPhone viva video will help you create memorable moments like birthdays, traveling clicks, and many more. 

2- FilmoraGo: 

This is one of the best apps for creating your videos to the next level. So these editing apps are useful for minor edits like cutting, trimming, and professional tools like adding music and themes that will strengthen your video editing game. The best part is that this app is a very quick and time-saving app, and most importantly, this app is entirely free; the plus point is that it supports both Android and iPhone users. You just need to find your desired tools, and your video editing is done, but you should know how to use those tools. They are effortless and easy to use. Anyone can use them to make their videos unique and different. 

3- Kinemaster Pro: 

This is another excellent app for Android and iPhone. This app is also a professional app and is very good for editing purposes. So we can use video editing apps to add text, pictures, stickers and make good short clips.

This app will also give you options to choose very different and unique tools that will make your video super professional and perfect video for your youtube channel, business ads, and many other things. It can be easily used by Android and iPhone people.

4- Quik: 

We all are in search of good editors. If you can’t find one there, you can download the Quik app because it is helpful for Android and iPhone users. This app will help you edit your video in a very different way. You can add unique themes, filters, and text. You can combine your pictures to create a great video.

5- In shot:

Everyone nowadays needs a good, fast, and creative application for your business and personal use. Inshot is the quickest and greatest app. The user always needs free-of-cost applications; then, this one is for them. Similarly, video editing apps like in shot will allow you to edit your video perfectly from your Android and iPhone as well. In this app, you can reverse your video and slow down your video’s speed, which is considered a unique tool.

Editors for iOS:

1- Clip:

If you need a free app and want to create your pictures and videos in a fun way, a clip app is the best for you. It is an iPhone app only iPhone users can download and enjoy. You can create your emoji, and your picture or video will turn into an emoji. This is one of the most creative and fun apps for users.

2- Imovie:

In this video editing app, you will find very professional tools to edit your video, and your video will be turned into a very creative and amazing movie app. This is a first and excellent pick for a YouTuber who has an iPhone. However, iPad and iPhone users can easily use this daily.

3- Splice:

Are you tired of regular video editors for iOS? I have a solution to all your problems. Splice is the app for you. This is a great app for trimming and cropping your video, adding animation into it. You have speed controls and many other tools to make your video very creative.

4- Cameo:

In the era of high resolution and HD videos, we have very few video editing apps options. Still, Cameo allows you to edit your videos in high resolution and make them look attractive and classy. This app is for iPhone users, so they can quickly get access to it. So download and edit your videos like never before.

5- LumaFusion:

This is a highly professional app with excellent tools. Most iOS people use lumaFusion for different purposes. Movie Makers, directors, and photographers can use this app for their professional use. This the fastest app will not consume so much of your energy and time.


In the end, with the help of this article, you will be an expert, professional, and successful in your editing journey. What are you waiting for? Download the free versions of the application and have fun. 


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